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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 202 - Legendary Magical Crystal

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Chapter 202: 202

As the Sword Sage of the Storm was vomiting, he felt something was wrong . He suddenly realized that the toxins in the body started showing signs of disappearing .

This sudden realization shocked the Sword Sage of the Storm .

That was the Salamander's poison we were talking about . Even though he had already used his legendary-level combat energy to suppress it, it was still waiting for a chance to cause trouble . With just a little carelessness, it could invade his heart and damage it .

But after drinking this thick and viscous black liquid, the toxins suddenly showed signs of softening…

The Sword Sage of the Storm knew that he did not have to go to the Pharmacists Guild anymore .

He was a legendary warrior . A warrior's strongest weapon was his body . Any warrior had a deep understanding of their own body . It was especially so at the realm that Al'Akir was in . He would not miss a single minute change, not to mention such a big issue like the Salamander's poison…

Almost as soon as the toxin started to recede, the Sword Sage of the Storm had already noticed it . This small change made the Sword Sage of the Storm realize that that bottle of black liquid that was making him vomit non-stop really could neutralize the Salamander's poison .

The young mage had not been lying .

For a moment, the Sword Sage of the Storm was in a complete daze .

He even started to guess what sort of person this young mage was . An archmage not even in his twenties could actually neutralize the Salamander's poison . A person like this should not be of a low profile . Even if his ident.i.ty were to protected by the Guild of Magic, his name should have been heard of by now .

Just thinking about Gryffindor would make sense . A 24-year-old level-14 magic shooter already had the reputation of the number one genius in Felan . If Gryffindor was the number one genius in Felan, then what should this young mage in front of him be called? Anril's number one magic genius?

“Just where did this kid come from…” The Sword Sage of the Storm had a doubtful and anxious expression . He decided that when he returned to Alanna, he would investigate this kid .

Just as the Sword Sage of the Storm was being doubtful and anxious, Lin Li had already walked to the side of the Salamander's carca.s.s .

Lin Li glanced at the Sword Sage of the Storm; the expression of the guild master had been seen by him . When the Sword Sage of the Storm had a doubtful and anxious expression, Lin Li knew that that bottle of antidote had already achieved its goal…

“Mr Al'Akir, do you mind if I take some things from the Salamander's body?” Lin Li smiled while asking .

“No… I don't mind . ” The Sword Sage of the Storm was stupefied for a moment . Even though he seemed reluctant, he still agreed .

There was no choice, he had owed the other party a favor . Even if they wanted to take away the whole Salamander, he would not have a way to say “no”, not to mention a small part of it .

As to why the Salamander had been killed and why he was still alive, it was thoroughly because of this young mage . If it had not been for his sudden appearance, he would have died to the Salamander's claws . As for the adventurers of the six great mercenary corps, at most only half of them managed to escape .

Furthermore, the other party even took out a bottle of black liquid to help neutralize the Salamander's poison .

After summing up everything, this favor was even greater than the heavens . WIth the Sword Sage of the Storm's personality, how could he reject?

“Heh heh, then I'll help myself!” Lin Li smiled, and quietly took out the silver knife which he frequently used from the Ring of Endless Storm .

The Sword Sage of the Storm's reaction was well within Lin Li's calculations . These two favors were really too great . Unless the Sword Sage of the Storm could disregard his reputation and ignore him, there was no way that he would stop him from touching the Salamander's carca.s.s .

If it was not because he had harbored such thoughts, why would he be so generous?

He had no ties to the Sword Sage of the Storm . There was no friends.h.i.+p or animosity between them . Furthermore, the Salamander was already dead . He no longer needed the Sword Sage of the Storm's help, and it was not like he had an abundance of herbs in his pockets . Why should he force himself to pretend to be magnanimous?

Since the Sword Sage of the Storm had agreed, Lin Li did not stand on ceremony . He grasped the silver knife taken from the Ring of Endless Storm and slowly walked over to the Salamander's carca.s.s .

The Salamander died in a wretched manner . Its entire body had been cooked . When Lin Li walked over, he could even smell a thick scent of roasted meat . It was just that when the smell of the roasted meat was mixed with the scent of blood, it became unbearable . When Lin Li just walked over, it was so pungent that he pinched his nose .

I will never eat roasted meat again… Lin Li frowned . He used the small silver knife in his hand to slash gently and cut open the Salamander's abdomen . He then pulled down along this hole, and opened up a large opening in the Salamander's abdomen .

Of all the magical beasts that Lin Li had seen, the Salamander was a very special species . Their magical crystals were not the same as those of the other magical beasts that grew on their heads, but instead grew in the chest like a heart . This allowed the powerful Po wer of Fire to flow through the entire body along the circulation of blood .

Lin Li had experience killing a Salamander before . Even though he was now in another world, he was still very familiar with the extraction of the magical crystal . The silver knife in his hands easily went through the sutures of the Salamander and followed an invisible line which easily opened the Salamander's thoracic cavity . The entire process seemed to be completed with a single stroke, and was as smooth as a butcher with tens of years of experience at work .

Once he had the Salamander's crimson magical crystal in his hand, Lin Li kept his silver knife with satisfaction . He used his hands to wipe off the blood and dust, and then placed it against sunlight to admire it . When the Salamander's magical crystal was in his hands, Lin Li could clearly feel a faint warmth being emitted from the magical crystal . It was gentle and peaceful, completely different from when the Salamander was alive, filled with a violent and murderous aura .

It was a priceless treasure .

When a magical crystal reached the legendary-level, its value could no longer be quantified with gold . It was impossible to find an adventurer that could hunt legendary magical beasts, no matter how many gold coins were offered . Such a rare magical crystal could only be traded for with other goods within a small circle .

Lin Li had had a plan once, but he'd given up on it .

Although the Ring of Endless Storm contained a lot of treasures, he could trade only a few items among them for a legendary magical crystal . For example, something like the Divinity Metal . However, he hated to use the Divinity Metal to trade for a legendary magical crystal…

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Hence, Lin Li could only drool all the while .


Unfortunately, this priceless treasure fell into the hands of this young mage in the end .

He could not even breathe a word about it, because it had already been settled previously . The other party wanted to extract something from the Salamander's carca.s.s, and no matter what it was going to be, he could only watch . With the Sword Sage of the Storm's current position, he would not do something like going back on his words…

“Let's go, back to Alanna!” After obtaining a magical crystal for no reason at all, Lin Li's mood could not be any better . Even the prisoner, Argus, stood to gain something from it . Lin Li affectionately patted him on the shoulder, and said, “Let's have a good chat while we are on the road . I have a few questions to ask you . If you can answer them properly, I will release you once we reach Alanna . ”

“Yes, yes, yes, I will definitely answer properly…” Argus was surprised . He had never thought that this guy would actually become so easy to talk to .

To be able to escape after answering a few questions . Where could such good deal be found?

The three of them went past the corpse of the Salamander and walked towards the route for descending the mountain .

“Hold up, kid!” The Sword Sage of the Storm was feeling sorry about the Salamander's magical crystal, and then he suddenly saw these few fellas trying to leave, so he hurriedly shouted at them .

“Mr Al'Akir, is there something wrong?” Lin Li was smiling, but he reminded himself that this was a legendary powerhouse . Even if he was still poisoned by the Salamander, he was somebody that he, who'd just broken through the Archmage realm, could go up against .

If this old man were to turn against him, it would mean serious trouble . Even though, judging by the Sword Sage of the Storm's position, he most likely would not do something like that . However, in some situations, it was better to be more careful .

Therefore, when Lin Li stopped, even though his face was filled with smiles, his mana had already been raised to the max…

“Kid, there's no need to be so nervous . ” Lin Li's body was filled with mana . The intense magical wave could be felt from far away . How could a veteran like the Sword Sage of the Storm not know what he was thinking about? Immediately, he smiled in a very friendly manner to show that he did not have any animosity .

“Guild Master, how can I help you?” Lin Li did not take it lying down .  I don't care if you have any animosity, let's distance ourselves from this dangerous person first .  He smiled while talking, and also moved back at the same time . After finis.h.i.+ng this sentence, he had already s.h.i.+fted back more than ten steps .

“Let me say this, kid, can you not be so nervous…” The Sword Sage of the Storm felt like both crying and laughing . He had lived for almost a hundred years, and had never experienced something like this . He had been seen as a weird old man trying to trick a kid with lollipops! To prove that he did not harbor any ill intentions, the Sword Sage of the Storm took more than ten steps back before the other party did . Only then did he ask Lin Li from afar, “I just wanted to ask if you are from the Pharmacists Guild?”

“No!” Lin Li shook his head straightforwardly . He did not wait for the Sword Sage of the Storm to question him further, and took Sean and Argus with him to the route to descend the mountain .

“…” The Sword Sage of the Storm was dazed for a while, and suddenly touched his face before asking himself in a uncertain manner, “Am i really that scary?”

The members of the six great mercenary corps only returned to their normal state when Lin Li's party had descended the mountain…

Today had been too stimulating for them . They had seen the legendary Salamander and a person that could kill the legendary magical beast with their own eyes .

Serena commanded her subordinates to clear the battlefield while thinking to herself . She had always felt that the fella together with Lin Li had always been somewhat familiar…

“Oh my G.o.d . That's Argus!” It was only after a full ten minutes that Serena finally remembered . In an instant, her expression could only be described as unusually brilliant .

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