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Chapter 201 - Self-Destruct

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Chapter 201: Self-Destruct Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Watch out for yourself…” The Sword Sage of the Storm was very clear on the severity of his injuries. He was. .h.i.t by the claws of the Salamander, which contained a venom that was a hundred times more potent than that of a Manticore's tail. Even though he was a legendary powerhouse, he could only use his Combat Energy to suppress the venom. As for the rest, he would have to wait till he returned to Alanna and search for a remedy at the Pharmacists Guild…

In fact, he could only go to the Pharmacists Guild.

Other than those greedy old fellas at the Pharmacists Guild, there was no cure for the Salamander's venom. No matter how wise a doctor, a priest, or a mage was, they would be helpless in the face of Salamander's venom.

Even though this young mage standing in front of him had a mysterious origin, but the Sword Sage of the Storm believed that he was not mysterious enough to have the cure for the Salamander's venom.

“You can't help me…” The Sword Sage of the Storm shook his head.

“Try drinking it.” Lin Li smiled, and did not explain further. He only took out a gla.s.s bottle and tossed it over. “If it really doesn't work, just take it as a fruit juice. After all, it is pretty sweet.”

“…” The Sword Sage of the Storm caught the bottle and was about to ask Lin Li to stay when he heard a roar coming from a distance. He saw that the Salamander had charged over like wind, bringing along a red afterimage. Its target was the young mage that had added onto its injuries. In a instant, the venomous front claws and numerous scales that no longer radiated red light under the sunlight closed in. Facing this abrupt change, even the composed Sword Sage of the Storm had a change in his expression. “Careful!”

The members of the six great mercenary corps had also simultaneously cried out in alarm.

Serena's eyes were wide open and her face was panic-stricken. Aragon was anxious; he wanted to rush over and pull Lin Li away. Even the one that trusted Lin Li the most, Hank, had finally started panicking. He covered his mouth with both of his hands and shouted frantically at the far away Lin Li, “Watch your back!”

After tossing the gla.s.s bottle to the Sword Sage of the Storm, Lin Li left without even turning over. After he heard the sounds coming from behind, without even blinking, he shouted at Sean and Argus, “Hey, you two. Start packing up, we're going back to Alanna!”

“Oh…” Sean replied obediently, and started packing up.

“You… Hurry and look behind you!” Argus was as panic-stricken as though he had seen a ghost. He was stuttering while pointing towards Lin Li's back.

“Just a Salamander, is there a need for you to be so scared…” Lin Li mumbled to himself, and he did not even turn around to take a look.

The salamander was getting faster and faster. It stuck close to the floor and slid over a hundred meters with “swish” like a red shadow.

“You're a pig!” Serena harshly scolded. She could not tolerate it anymore, and shut both her eyes. It was over. It was completely over. At such a short distance, it'd only take a second with the Salamander's speed and it could rip him apart with its sharp claws. At that point, whatever archmage it was would also have to go to heaven.

“Boom!” Just when everyone thought his fella was dead, there was a loud sound from far away. Following that, there was a brilliant explosion of red from the Salamander's body. It was like a mist that had pervaded everyone's vision. The scorching temperature immediately permeated everywhere, causing everyone to feel the heat…

What followed immediately was a “POM!”

There was a dazzling flare rus.h.i.+ng into the skies, which made the pervading red mist abnormally impressive.

Suddenly, the whole of Fire Plume Ridge had quieten down. It was as though something had sucked away all the noise…

The Sword Sage of the Storm froze, Argus froze, everyone in the six great mercenary corps froze.

n.o.body knew what had happened, and n.o.body knew what had made it happen.

Why did the raging Salamander collapse for no apparent reason?

Some of them even rubbed their eyes furiously to make sure that it was not a hallucination.

Indeed, it was no hallucination. The Salamander had collapsed.

“What the h.e.l.l…” Serena opened her eyes nervously, and yet she witnessed this strange scene. Instantly, she was in daze. She was in daze for a minute before she furiously grabbed Aragon's throat. “Tell me, what happened?”

Aragon's eyes were glazed; he stared at the burning flames. He did not even feel Serena grabbing his throat. Only after awhile, he finally squeezed some words from his throat. “Sala… The Salamander has… has… has been burned to death!”

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“Burn your a*s!” Serena was close to kicking his face. What a mess. Salamander getting burned to death, why don't you say that a fish is drowning?

To these adventurers of the six great mercenary corps, Lin Li was an unfamiliar face. n.o.body knew where he came from, and n.o.body knew why he would appear here. The scariest thing was that this fella managed to cause the Salamander to self-destruct. Just how great was this injustice?

Yes, those few from the red dragon mercenary corps knew. Even though they knew, would they dare to say it…

The Sword Sage of the Storm had already stood up. His hand still held onto that gla.s.s bottle, and the stopper had been removed. A thick and viscous black liquid was emanating a thick and foul smell. The Sword Sage of the Storm tried to bring this weird bottle of liquid to his nose, and it was so pungent that he immediately frowned. He really found it hard to believe that this bottle of liquid that looked more poisonous than the Salamander's poison could help him just like what the young mage had said…

But the scene from before made the Sword Sage of the Storm have no choice but to believe it.

Furthermore, he himself was a legendary-level powerhouse. His insights were much deeper than Serena's. He had no need to suspect Lin Li. Just by his instincts alone, he could tell that the existence of this young mage was the reason why the Salamander had died to its own flames.

On what basis would a person that could kill a Salamander just casually use a bottle of potion to trick him?

The Sword Sage of the Storm gritted his teeth. Finally, he pinched his nose and gulped down that bottle of black liquid…

“Ugh…” When the weird liquid just entered his throat, the Sword Sage of the Storm felt that his whole body was churning. The feeling was worse than receiving a slash from the Salamander. It was like soaking a pair of socks that had not been washed for years and then drinking that water…

The Sword Sage of the Storm was gagging and drinking at the same time. He had already cursed Lin Li's ancestors. F*ck. You're really capable, you little a*shole. You can even create such a nasty thing. Did that Salamander die of disgust because of this thing?

After finis.h.i.+ng the bottle with difficulty, the Sword Sage of the Storm did not even have the strength to stand. He threw the bottle and sat on the floor before thinking to himself, F*cking h.e.l.l, drinking this bottle of liquid was more agonizing than fighting the Salamander…

At this time, Lin Li had already kept the mithril pot. He was now bringing Sean and Argus with him to the route to descend from the peak. When he had reached the Sword Sage of the Storm, he looked at the empty bottle on the ground. “You've finished it so quickly? Rest well for these two days. Drink more water and don't exercise too much. Within two days, the toxins in your body will be gone.”

“…” The Sword Sage of the Storm was vomiting incessantly. When he saw Lin Li walked over, he wanted to curse and swear at him. Yet, he heard him give an important warning. He immediately shut his mouth. He really could not comprehend what this young mage was thinking. What if that bottle of liquid really could dispel the poison? Could it be that, I, the Sword Sage of the Storm still wanted to do something stupid like beating up somebody and then knock on his door to apologize after realizing my mistakes? No, no, no, I can't do something like that…

Lin Li no longer had any interest in what the Sword Sage of the Storm was thinking. The only thing that interested him now was the charred carca.s.s of the Salamander…

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