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Chapter 197 - Floating Castle

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Chapter 197: Floating Castle Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

After inscribing his Spiritual Brand on the heart, Lin Li did not go anywhere else, not even to the showroom that Connoris had mentioned. He knew that it would be useless even if he went there. The entire Eternal Furnace had been cleaned out. Other than the fire dragon's magical crystal and Connoris, the half hammer half demon weirdo, everything else had been sent to Osric's Mausoleum.

Before leaving the Void Crack, Lini Li left a trace of mental strength inside the gigantic heart. This allowed him to control the Eternal Furnace at any time and from anywhere. It did not matter where he was—he could summon the Eternal Furnace as long as there was the existence of the Void Crack within the vicinity.

For Lin Li, this was the best reward.

Compared to having full control of the Eternal Furnace, breaking through the Archmage realm and finding a guide for the Demon's Abyss were somewhat insignificant. Even though the Eternal Furnace was now empty, the most essential thing was still there, and it was the technique to build the Sky City. Along with fire dragon's magical crystal that maintained the functioning of the Eternal Furnace, the Eternal Furnace would still be Eternal Furnace with these two things. With sufficient time, Lin Li would able to reconstruct a real Floating Castle.

The reappearance of the Sky City of the High Elves sounded impossible, but for a master of all professions like Lin Li, the issue was not about technique—he just lacked time and materials.

Without a doubt, this would be a long process. The reconstructed Eternal Furnace would take up an astronomical amount of time and gold, but it would immediately solve all of Lin Li's troubles when completed. Even the Marathon Family or the Shadow's Nest would not pose a single hint of threat anymore. Within the current Felan Kingdom, a floating castle from the Dark Ages would be invincible, and this included the legendary Sky Knights. There would not be a single power that could threaten this floating castle.

Furthermore, this was a floating castle that was drifting within the Void Crack.

Under the control of the trace of mental strength that had just fused in, Lin Li could summon it anytime and anywhere. Think about it: when the reconstructed Eternal Furnace appeared above Jarrosus, what kind of expressions the people of Shadow's Nest would show?

Lin Li's face had a smile when he left the Eternal Furnace. He stood on top of the red pedestal, and recited a spell quickly before turning around to jump off…

This was the first time Lin Li used the Levitation Spell, so his mana control was still slightly jerky; when he came down from the Eternal Furnace, he looked as wretched as someone that fell into water. No matter how wretched it was, without a doubt, he was still using the powers of an Archmage.

The proof was the look on Argus's face…

Looking at the figure that slowly descended, Argus' expression was as though he had just swallowed a dead rat. His mouth was so slack that an egg could be shoved into it, and his eyes were wide open just like a goldfish that was blowing bubbles.

He was unable to maintain his composure.

Even children knew what the Levitation Spell meant.

This meant extreme control of mana. This meant thorough understanding of magic rules. This also meant the power of an Archmage!

Argus had always been proud of his achievements. He'd even thought that he was a true magic genius of Felan. He was only twenty-eight years old when he broke through to the Archmage realm. Such an achievement was something that even Andoine could not compare to.

As for Gryffindor that had appeared from the Guild of Magic in these past few years, Argus did not hold any regard for him. From Argus's point of view, he was just a lucky flower which bloomed in a greenhouse that was exposed to a dense magical atmosphere from a young age. The people that he saw every day were of the Archmage level, and there were archmages patiently guiding him, helping to solve all doubts he might have. Yet, under such an enviable environment, he could only approach the border of the Archmage realm, which was far from Argus' level. Honestly, Argus looked down on Gryffindor.

Compared to Gryffindor, Argus was another extremity. He came from the lowest cla.s.s in society, and was orphaned at twelve years old. If not because he'd suddenly discovered his talent for magic, he might have been the same as most of the orphans, becoming a thief or hooligan in the messiest streets of Alanna.

Although he had talent for magic, he'd never had a chance to enter the Guild of Magic. Argus became an adventurer when he was fourteen, struggling between life and death every day. Within ten years, he had hunted thousands of magical beasts. He had broken through during a hunt when he was in a dire situation, and this shaped the current Argus. Whatever he had achieved had been stained with red blood, be it from a magical beast, or from his own body…

Was Gryffindor able to match up to such an accomplishment? Not only was he not able to match up, there were only a few mages in the whole Felan Kingdom that could match up to it.

But when Argus saw Lin Li gently descend from the Eternal Furnace, he was dumbfounded…

Argus was much clearer than anyone else who this young mage was. In fact, they had dueled just not too long ago.

Indeed, Argus admitted that this was a real genius.

He already had the power of a level-13 magic shooter when he had not even reached twenty years old. Such a talent had already surpa.s.sed Gryffindor's, and even Argus was surprised.

But that was merely a surprise…

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Argus did not even imagine that just after two hours, this level-13 magic shooter would have leapt forward such a large distance and broken through to a realm that many mages had failed to reach, becoming a real Archmage. Argus felt that even if he fully recovered, he might not be able to win against this fella in a fair duel.

“We have completed the task at the Fire Plume Ridge; we are returning to Alanna now.” After Lin Li finished speaking, he glanced at the Eternal Furnace that was in the sky before bringing along the two men across the plains to walk towards the Gates of Ashes.

“Boom!” Just when the three of them entered the Gates of Ashes, there was a loud sound from the skies. Instantly, the cave started to shake violently, and there were large rocks cras.h.i.+ng on their heads amidst the dust. This caused them to be extremely distressed.

“What the h.e.l.l!?” Lin Li spat out. He thought, F*cking mercenary corps and f*cking salamanders did not take any aphrodisiac, so why are they taking so long to finish the battle?”

“Sean, lead the way!”


Luckily, there was still Sean as the guide. Although the three of them stumbled, almost getting crushed by the falling rocks along the way, they still made it out of the d.a.m.ned cave. After seeing the sunlight again, Lin Li stood at the entrance of the cave, and deeply breathed in the hot air that was unique to the Fire Plume Ridge. He was feeling better than ever.

The place that they came out from was near the peak of the Fire Plume Ridge. It was very close to the battle that was in full swing. Without even looking back, they could see the rising flares of the battlefield.

“Will it ever end…” Lin Li looked over, and saw a field of flares rising up.

The current Fire Plume Ridge peak was like h.e.l.l. There was a field of black magical beast, while thick fresh blood was flowing towards the ridges, evaporating into a dense mist of blood under the searing temperature. The thick scent of blood could be smelled from afar.

The six great mercenary corps suffered large casualties. There were more than a thousand adventurers when they ascended the mountain, but now there was less than half left. Furthermore, many of them had severe injuries. From where he stood, Lin Li could see clearly that the ground had piles of mixed with blood. As a magician, Lin Li knew that this was the remains of humans being burnt by a powerful fire spell…

From atop the s.p.a.cious peak, there came a deafening roar from the blinding flares.

“Oh my G.o.d…” Lin Li only took a glance before realizing what he had just seen. It was the main culprit that caused the earthquake, a beast that had legendary strength. The legendary Salamander.

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