Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 194 - Trading Spirit

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Chapter 194: 194

“Oh, yes . I forgot to tell you something…” Lin Li held the hammer, and smiled as if he was up to no good . “Other than being an incompetent warrior, I am also a blacksmith . You know what is a blacksmith, right? So, I advise you to be more honest . If you were to p.i.s.s me off, I will throw you into the furnace and see if the legendary Mjölnir can be melted . ”

After Lin Li finished his sentence, the hammer in his hand stopped struggling . After a while, Lin Li then heard a hoa.r.s.e voice . “You… What do you want to know?”

“Your origins . ” Lin Li grinned after speaking, and kindly reminded, “Take note—your true origins, not some d.a.m.ned Mjölnir's . I really don't know what you are thinking… Do you not know how to look in the mirror before pretending to be Mjölnir? Look at yourself, you are so dirty . It's worse than those prost.i.tutes that have worked for tens of years . You still dare to call yourself a relic of the Dark Iron Dwarves? Do you have no shame?

“Forget it, enough nonsense . Just be more honest, I am not that patient…”

“You're right, I am not the relic…” After being silent for awhile, the hammer finally spoke, “I am just a trapped soul”

“Mmm . ” Lin Li nodded, signalling it to continue .

“There is one thing that I need to clarify . With regards to the Brand of Dusk on your hand, I really wanted to borrow it only . I have no ill intentions . ” This time the hammer started to be honest maybe because it was scared of being thrown into the furnace . Before answering Lin Li's question, it did not forget to justify itself . ” My origin is a very long story, and it has nothing much to do with this issue . If you really want to know, I can tell you one last time . Before this, you can call me Connoris . This was my name before I got killed by Osric . ”

“Ok then, Connoris . First tell me, what is your goal for wanting this Brand of Dusk?”

“I need it to control the Eternal Furnace . ”

“It can control the Eternal Furnace?”

“Yes, you should know of the history of the Brand of Dust . It belongs to Highlord Osric . As far as I know, this ring had never left his side when he was alive . Even though it has been 1200 years, it still contains a sliver of Osric's mental strength . In a certain way, it can be said that it is the inheritance of the highlords's mental brand . This is also the reason why you could pa.s.s through the Gates of Ashes unscathed .

“That sliver of mental strength is still around?” Lin Li was a little suspicious . He remembered that before the battle with Cromwell, he had fused with a Spiritual Brand, which resulted in understanding the ring's secret . Logically speaking, magical equipment should not have two spiritual brands . Otherwise, there would be complications… just like with adultery .

“Are you trying to say that you've also left your own spiritual branding on it as well?” Connoris did not answer directly, but instead questioned Lin Li back .


“This isn't actually contradictious . If I am not mistaken, what you have is just an incomplete Brand Of Dusk, and you only have small part of its strength in your grasp . Osric's spiritual brand is still asleep within the Brand Of Dusk . Otherwise, your strength wouldn't degrade to this state . It is una.s.suming to say that being able to control the power of the Brand Of Dusk would be equivalent to being another Osric!”

“F*ck, it's that strong?”

With Connoris' words, Lin Li almost bit his tongue . Back then, in the Nightmare Mountains, Lin Li already knew that it was formidable magical equipment, but he dared not imagine that this thing was actually this strong . What was it like to be another Osric? He was a person that could go against seven legendary powerhouses alone and still come out on top . If this power were to be obtained, it would not be a fantasy to make a clean sweep of the Felan Kingdom with just the wave of a hand .

“I know you do not believe it, but the truth is that it really is that strong . Honestly speaking, I died to the power of the Brand Of Dusk 1200 years ago . ”

“Forget it, let's not talk about this . ” Connoris seemed to be feeling down after getting to this point as it probably invoked sad memories . After being silent for awhile, he continued speaking . “Actually, this is also the reason why I want to borrow this Brand Of Dusk from you . ”

“What is it?”

“It can release me from this d.a.m.ned hammer and also give me a new body at the same time . ”

“A new body?”

“That's right . ” Connoris voice felt somewhat pleased . “Let me tell you now, this is a real secret . Other than Osric, only I know about it . After my soul has been trapped for tens of years, I have somewhat seen everything that Osric had done . Furthermore, he was not weary of me . Sometimes, he would even tell me his thoughts, and this secret is what Osric told me himself . ”

Lin Li subconsciously held his breath . He believed that he was going to hear a world-shaking secret .

“The real Eternal Furnace is not used for forging, but for creating lives…”

“What did you say?” Lin Li almost spat out his saliva .

“How much do you understand about the High Elves?” Connoris still replied with a question .

“High Elves?” Lin Li was questioned till he was baffled . He tried recalling for a long while before he could regurgitate what he had read from the books . He even added on a few of his own points . This discussion lasted for about ten minutes .

“These lunatics, they thought that they are G.o.ds . ” Finally, Lin Li concluded with this sentence .

“That's why the Eternal Furnace came about . ” Connoris' voice was calm .

Lin Li swallowed his saliva hard . “Are you trying to tell me that the reason for Osric creating the Eternal Furnace is to prove that he is a G.o.d?”

“You're correct . ”

“He's mad…”

“He wasn't crazy . ” Connoris' voice was resonant, but it was abnormally affirmative . “Indeed, the twilight years of Osric did see many unthinkable things . Killing tens of thousands of humans in a night . Dominating the Dark Iron Dwarves due to a spur in interest and building a gigantic mausoleum for himself . But, I can confidently tell you that Osric was not crazy . It was the opposite—he was more sober than ever during his twilight years . Do you know why he killed those hundreds of thousands of humans?”

“How would I know…” Lin Li rolled his eyes . He thought to himself, I am a normal person, how could I comprehend what a monster like Osric was thinking?

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“It was because creating life needed a large sample of souls . ”

His knowledge about soul puppets was mostly heard from people in the same trade . He was only an amatuer . When it came to something as difficult as creating life, he was not much better than Sean…

“The biggest weakness of these creations was that they do not have their own souls . But for me, this was the biggest advantage because when I was alive, I devoted myself to the research of Souls . ”

“Devoted to the research of souls?” Lin Li frowned, and doubtfully asked, “You were a Necromancer?”

“No, no, no… How could a low-ranking profession like Necromancer be befitting of my n.o.ble status? Let me tell you something: I used to deal with souls . As long as the price was right, you could discuss with me about all sorts of souls . No matter if it was low-ranked, n.o.ble, dirty, or pure… Are you interested?”

“F*ck, demon?”

“Wrong, you should call me the Great Soul Trader . Mr Connoris, the philanthropist .

“Pff, demon means demon . What philanthropist or great soul trader . You deserved to be killed by Osric for doing such an wicked business…

“You really do not have sympathy…

“To sympathize with a demon? What kind of joke is this…”

“Look at my current state, can I still be called a demon?”

“You're trying to say that you want to create a soul puppet to transfer your soul into?”

“Yes, yes, yes! So, could you help? I've been waiting for this day for a long while . This d.a.m.ned hammer will be the death of me . I really dream of walking with two legs…”

“What benefits can you give me?”

Connoris pondered for a long while before he finally decided . “If you help me, I will tell the method to control the Eternal Furnace!”

“No, you will tell me the method to control the Eternal Furnace, and then I will help you create a new body . This is the proper order—don't be mistaken . ”

“…” Even though he was unwilling, the great soul trader had to lower his n.o.ble head in the face of his only chance . “Deal . I hope you keep your words!”

“Relax, honesty is the best policy . Even though I am not some d.a.m.ned soul trader, I still run by this principle . ”

“Ok, I'll trust you!”

“You can only trust me…” Lin Li pouted, and did not show Connoris any respect . It was obvious that the Brand Of Dusk was its only chance . If it were to miss this opportunity, it would have to wait thousands of years again . With such a long end of the stick, why would Lin Li be polite to it? Anyway, this fella was a demon, so Lin Li did not feel any remorse for extortion .

Both of them walked past the corridor, and quickly arrived in front of tightly shut door .

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