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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 185 - Legendary Magical Beast

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Chapter 185: 185

“This reckless fellow…” Serena stared at the picture on the table, her eyes greening with anger .

It was clearly something benefitting both sides, but this guy was quick to avoid it—just as if he was avoiding the plague . Was it so terrifying to join the Silver Hand? If it weren't for the fact that this guy had saved her life in Blackhills Town, Serena wouldn't bother to meddle in these affairs; this was something of a big risk .

With Serena's background, there was really no need to be afraid of the Marathon Family . However, it was one thing not to be afraid, and another thing to be worthwhile or not . Although high-level miners were rare talents, offending the Marathon Family for the sake of a high-level miner was not worth the cost . After all, the Silver Hand was only a mercenary corp, and there were many areas that they had to rely on the Marathon Family . Not to mention other things, at least half of the members' equipment was bought from the Marathon smithy .

Serena really wanted to throttle the fellow's neck and ask, What's wrong with the Silver Hand? There's welfare, beauties, and you can even escape the Marathon Family's persecution with us . How can you refuse so brazenly something that only benefits you and does no harm?

“It's best for the Marathons to kill this fellow!” Serena nailed the portrait indignantly to a wooden board, and then threw flying daggers at it repeatedly .

Dozens of flying daggers were stuck onto the wooden board . Only then did Serena shout vigorless out of the tent . “Aragon, come in!”

“What's your order, Captain Serena?” Aragon hurried into the tent, and saw Captain Serena throwing flying daggers at the face of a certain distinguished guest . He felt his scalp tingle all of a sudden…

“Go and help me get some men and make them release some false information . ” Serena hurled the last dagger; there was only a “tok”, and the dagger landed right between the eyebrows of the portrait . After tilting her head and admiring her results in satisfaction, she went on to say, “I don't care how this news is released . I don't mind whether you hire an to kill or hire an arsonist to burn the inn . Anyhow, you must let people know that our two distinguished guests have returned to Blackhills Town . ”

“Noted . ” Aragon withdrew from the tent in cold sweat .

“This fellow is really a trouble…” After watching Aragon leave, Serena rubbed her eyebrows with a pounding head .  This is the only way .

The best way was to get that fellow to join the Silver Hand . In this way, she'd have a reason to shelter him from the Marathon Family . Even if Gaud came personally, she could answer him with a firm voice, saying: He's a member of the Silver Hand . Why should I hand him over to the Marathon Family? This would put the Marathon Family on the spot, but at least it wouldn't come to an open break in friends.h.i.+p between them .

Unfortunately, that fellow refused to join them; it put Serena in an exceptionally pa.s.sive position .

However, it so happened that the fellow had saved her life in Blackhills Town . Serena couldn't refuse to return such a big favor . At last, after deliberating it over and over again, she could only come up with this solution .

As long as they could fool the Marathon Family, she would use the Gryphon to send this fellow away—far away from the Fire Plume Ridge . As for the future, he could only resign himself to fate . This was all she could do .

The six carriages had just left the b.l.o.o.d.y Horns camp . In the luxurious and s.p.a.cious carriage, Gaud, who resembled Matthias, was reposing his mind with closed eyes . The ruby-eyed mage was sitting next to him; there was a sarcastic smile on his face . “The six major mercenary corps are getting bolder . They actually dare to shelter the mage named Felic . ”

“It's not surprising . People will naturally do things of interest . ” Gaud's eyes were still closed, but he smiled with the same sarcasm .

This morning, they had visited the six major mercenary corps one by one and inquired about the whereabouts of Felic, but the answers were surprisingly consistent—no one had ever seen or heard of him . Seeing the clues they had gotten from Blackhills Town broke off, both of them did not look disappointed at all, but laughed, happier than usually .

To them, this was good news .

This meant that the search area would be reduced from the Fire Plume Ridge to the six mercenary corps .

The reason was too simple…

The Fire Plume Ridge had been completely controlled by the six mercenary corps these few days . Even if a mosquito flew by, the captains of the six mercenary corps would surely know of it, let alone two big living people? Unless that Felic could fly, how could all six mercenary corps be unaware of him?

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No one had seen him; no one had heard of him…

Yesterday's lesson was too profound; he studied the map a few dozen times over and over again such that he could remember it with his eyes closed . By about afternoon, the fellow started to become restless, and was itching for action . He called Sean, who was wandering around the camp, and they planned to go to Fire Plume Ridge again .

But they were stopped before they could get out of the camp .

“Brother Felic!” Andre was driving a carriage, grinning and greeting Lin Li from afar .

By right, carriages were forbidden in the camp, but this fellow was different . He was a disciple of the Sword Sage of the Storm, and even Serena addressed him “uncle” . The three deputy heads were respectful to him . Who'd dare to say a word when he came in with the carriage?

Lin Li understood at once when he saw the expressions on the deputy heads' faces . He did not say anything at the moment, and greeted Andre with a smile . “Brother Andre, why are you here?”

“Teacher asked me to come out and do something . I happened to pa.s.s by here, so I came over to have a talk with you . Come on, get on the carriage first . I have something I want to ask for your help with,” Andre said as he enthusiastically invited the two to get on the car, which was so s.p.a.cious that even when Sean—the humanoid magical beast—got in, it didn't seem to be crowded at all .

After getting the two of them aboard, Andre drove out of the Silver Hand camp in his carriage . They drove along the foot of the mountain, through the flat wilderness, farther and farther towards a remote road…

As the surroundings became desolate, Lin Li poked his head out of the carriage with a smile on his face, and asked, “Brother Andre, speak your mind . By the way, don't say you need my help, I don't believe that . ”

Lin Li noticed as soon as they left the camp . Andre did not come to look for him on the way . Although he still laughed as usual all the way, the whip in his hand was getting heavier and heavier than before, such that there were blood marks on both horses . This only showed that Andre was very anxious . How could he be anxious when he was just dropping by on the way?

“Brother Felic is meticulous indeed, you could even see that . ” Andre laughed as he pulled the carriage to the side of the road and put the whip down . “Brother Felic, do you remember what I told you yesterday?”

“You mean, don't get involved in this mission?” Lin Li frowned . He had guessed that Andre had looked for him most likely with regards to this matter, and he had guessed it right . However, why didn't Andre just say it and had to drive him out to such a desolate place?

The reason for these doubts was not because Lin Li suspected Andre would put him in an unfavorable spot, but mainly because he felt that Andre's behavior today was somewhat abnormal . With his strength and status, there were not many things that could make him act so strange…

“That's right . ” Andre nodded, and pointed his whip at the top of the hill . “An hour later, the six mercenary corps will go up the hill . They will face a legendary magical beast . Your big brother here doesn't want you to die, so I'm bringing you out first in case you follow the Silver Hand up to the hill . ”

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