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Chapter 179 - Mine Robbing

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Chapter 179: 179

“Sean, lend a hand . ” Lin Li sought out two shovels from the Ring of Endless Storm .

“Orh…” Sean nodded, and took one of the shovels, but did not know what to do . He looked at Lin Li with a blank face .

“Dig from here, until you reach this point . ” Lin Li drew a line on the ground, and signalled him to dig along that line . He still felt not quite at ease after thinking about it, so he reminded Sean, “Use little strength . Don't you damage the mine…”

Lin Li took out only two ordinary shovels . If it were others, he would not need to deliberately remind them . Perhaps only a humanoid magical beast like Sean needed to be told to use little strength…

“Yes, Mr Felic . ” Sean's comprehension ability wasn't that good, but his execution was meticulous . Just as Lin Li finished speaking, he swung his shovel and began digging . As soon as this humanoid magical beast started to work, there were only clumps of soil spattering all around . The shovel was like a bulldozer, digging up a large area with loud clangs .

This fellow was a born miner; the shovel in his hands swung rapidly and furiously . While Lin Li was still stunned, Sean dug a deep and long trench along the edge of the vein . And in the middle of the trench, the dark red Abyss Fiendish Iron vein was revealed…

Lin Li was flabbergasted as he held the shovel .

There was indeed a distance between human and magical beast…

Lin Li did not even have the time to move his hands, and Sean had finished the job for him . He stood there with the shovel in his hand, not knowing whether he should dig or not . At last, he saw that there was no need to, so he threw the shovel on the ground, and took out two Air Bomb scrolls from his pocket .

It couldn't be helped…

Blast mining was primitive and backward, but the Fire Plume Ridge was a remote place—there was no manpower nor tools . Lin Li had countless mining methods at his disposal, but could only settle for blast mining first . Moreover, he could only use two scrolls . Andoine wasn't around, and two scrolls were his limit .

Fortunately, this was a poor mine, unlike the one found in the Nightmare Mountains, which needed five Air Bomb scrolls at the same time . That was a great work—without a figure like Andoine around, he could not even think about it .

Two Air Bomb scrolls were inserted at both ends of the vein . There was nothing to study about it—unlike the Eternal Adamantine, the Abyss Fiendish Iron wouldn't produce accompanying precious gemstones . Thus, when blasting Eternal Adamantine mines, one had to be cautious so as not to damage the accompanying gemstones within, but there was no such concern for the Abyss Fiendish Iron . So, he could just blast the mineral vein directly .

After inserting the scrolls, Lin Li slowly took a few steps back .

But just as Lin Li was trying to detonate the scrolls with his mental strength, there was a sudden rush of footsteps in the woods behind him . “You two, get out of that place at once!”

Lin Li frowned, and looked back into the woods . He saw several people hurrying from afar; two archers were the fastest . As soon as Lin Li turned his head, they had rushed over with their bows drawn and arrows set just less than 30 meters before where Lin Li stood . The hostility in them was obvious even to the blind .

“Let us warn you again, leave that place immediately; otherwise, don't blame us for being rude!” A warrior caught up and stood with the two archers . There came a “clang” as a sword was pulled out . The s.h.i.+mmering cold light on the sword blade made evident to everyone that he was not kidding . If Lin Li and Sean continued standing there, a battle would be imminent .

“What do you mean?” Lin Li's eyes skimmed over the two archers, but he had no intention of moving his feet . He merely looked at the warrior from afar, and smiled . “What's wrong with where we are standing?”

“That vein was first discovered by us!” Before the warrior answered, an archer stood up . While he spoke, his arm was lifted slightly upward . The sharp arrow was pointed directly at Lin Li's chest . In the midday suns.h.i.+ne, a faint blue s.h.i.+mmer was s.h.i.+ning on the iron arrow . It was obvious that the arrow had been smeared with poison .

A hint of fishy sweetness wafted in the air, and it made Lin Li frown . It was not a pleasant thing to be aimed at with a poisonous arrow .

“You've discovered it first?” However, the archer's words wavered Lin Li . After all, robbing mine was a dishonorable thing, and he couldn't do it . It hardly seemed justifiable if they had really discovered the mineral vein first and he had come up from behind to mine .

“Yes, I found this vein in the morning, but I didn't have enough manpower, so I went back and called two friends with me . ”

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“Morning?” Lin Li came to understand as soon as he heard these two words . The reason why it was named the Abyss Fiendish Iron was that it shared some similarities with the Abyssal Demon in some aspects . For example, the strength of the Abyssal Demon varied with time—it was the weakest in the morning, and the strongest at night . The same was true for the magical wave emanating from the Abyss Fiendish Iron . It was the weakest in the morning, and the strongest in the evening; especially when the first ray of suns.h.i.+ne appeared at dawn, the Abyss Fiendish Iron magical wave was almost the same as a piece of ordinary iron .

As for the weakest of the three, it turned out to be the most arrogant archer . This fellow was at most level-eight in strength . Lin Li couldn't understand why he could be so arrogant . Did he really think they were persimmons that could be pinched randomly?

“Oh . ” Sean nodded heavily; there was a faint gleam of excitement in his eyes as he looked toward the warrior .

He was equally curious about his current strength . When he was in Alanna, there was indeed a master who had guided him . However, the master's strength was so strong that no matter how rapidly Sean had progressed, the result did not change at all . The other party could easily defeat himself with a simple blow . The feeling was as easy as picking up a knife and fork while eating .

“You're going to fight us with just the two of you? How reckless…” The bold archer pursed his lips and sneered . He had no regard for these two guys from the start . That big guy had a decent strength, but so what? Sandro was a level-10 warrior . Even if the big guy was impressive, he couldn't be more impressive than Sandro, right?

As for the bullsh*t-ridden fellow, there was nothing to say about him . The crossbow he was carrying looked the part, but one could see clearly that the fellow was at most level-five or six in strength . Even he could easily shoot that fellow to death .

The bold archer was so confident that he hardly gave it a second thought, and fired his arrow directly . In his mind, the low-level warrior would at least be crippled even if he did not die by his arrow .

However, the arrow was just fired when he suddenly heard a gust of wind by his ear .

Although this fellow was arrogant, he was a real archer after all . He probably knew a lot better than others what this gust of wind meant . However, it was too late for him to dodge in haste . In an instant, there was only a crisp sound…


The bold archer felt a chill in his ear at first, followed by an excruciating pain . He touched it with his hand, and there was nothing else but blood…

… Where was the ear?

“Ah—” A scream rang out among the trees—so forlorn that even the withered leaves seemed to be s.h.i.+vering .

Almost at the same time, Sean raised his huge sword with both hands, and with a powerful chop, he greeted Sandro, who was also a level-10 warrior . The confrontation between level-10 warriors was much better to watch than that on the other side . In a moment, the two weapons fired brilliant sparks upon contact .

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