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Chapter 173 - Silver Storm

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Chapter 173: 173

“The… The deal you speak of, is to exchange us for them?” The thief had a bizarre expression; it was as though his mouth was filled with frogs . This suggestion was too amusing . He could not imagine that this guy that appeared to be normal had brought forth a suggestion that only a lunatic would suggest .

“Yes, think about it . This deal is really worthwhile . ” Lin Li nodded his head seriously; his facial expression was very earnest .

With this sentence, it was not just the members of the Rising Sun Mercenary Corp… even the guests that had been chased out of their rooms looked at Lin Li in a queer manner . n.o.body thought that this young man would say it so naturally . It was as though he was asking if the radish were to be sold for 5 copper coins per kilogram…

“F*ck, I met a lunatic…” The thief stared at Lin Li for a while before coming to a conclusion . At that moment, he felt angry and amused . After all, he was part of important personnel of one of the top three mercenary corps in Alanna . He felt unlucky as he even had to seriously discuss with a lunatic for such a long time…

“Take them . ” The thief had no interest in discussing with him anymore . After he gave out the orders to the underlings, he turned and started walking downstairs .

( Boxno vel . co m )  “You really don't want to think about it?” Lin Li did not give up, and shot another question towards the back of thief .

“Think your f*cking a.s.s…” The thief spewed vulgarities . He was about to be driven mad by this lunatic . The thief felt that if this were to continue, he might become a lunatic as well .

“Why…” Lin Li shook his head, and some mana started to undulate .

It was at this moment when there was the sound of heavy footsteps coming from the outside of the inn .

At the moment when this sound descended, even Lin Li's facial expression changed .

The sound of these footsteps was heavy . It sounded uniform . Lin Li knew that this was an elite force that was equipped with armor . If not, such a sound would not be produced .

The Felan Kingdom's production of ores was not abundant . It was usually the army that could be equipped with armor made from refined iron . Normally, a mercenary corp could only put together a team of armored warriors with difficulty no matter how rich it was . From the sounds of footsteps, it seems like it was a contingent of more than a hundred people . With so many armored warriors, could it be that imperial guards have arrived?

“Good evening, idiots of the Rising Sun!”

Just when Lin Li was feeling incessantly puzzled, there was the voice of a woman travelling from the skies .

This voice was crisp and sweet . When it fell on the ears of the members of the Rising Sun Mercenary Corp, their complexions immediately changed . It was as though this was not a greeting, but a magic spell full of killing intent .

As for those from Silver Hand, their faces had even weirder expressions almost similar to that of Rode's . They had expressions that seemed like they wanted to smile yet they did not dare to .

“Serena, shut up!” This voice came from the skies, and Rode screamed like a cat that had its tail stepped on . His calm expression had immediately become distorted .

“Idiot, save some strength . No matter how you stomp, you are going to die today! Really . If stomping had any use, why would we need…” After Serena sentenced Rode to death in two sentences, it was as though she murmured the rest to herself .

Rode was very close to losing his sanity…

Unfortunately, he could not do anything to Serena .

The whole Alanna knew that this d.a.m.ned woman was a Sky Knight . She had a level-15 gryphon as a mount . Nowadays, she mostly rode that d.a.m.ned gryphon, circling around the top of people's head in a commanding manner .

Rode got more depressed the more he thought about . It was as if he was so angry that he was about to vomit blood .

It was not easy to seize this chance where the d.a.m.ned woman did not bring her gryphon along, yet two idiots wrecked the whole situation . Now, not only did she bring the gryphon, she even brought along the armored soldiers from Silver Storm . The victory that was supposed to be in hand had now been turned over . He could be torn into pieces by Silver Storm at any given time, not to mention allowing this d.a.m.ned woman flaunt her prowess above him…

The footsteps outside the inn got heavier; it seems like the armored warriors were about to reach the entrance of the inn .

Rode thought he was going to die when he heard heavy footsteps .

That was Silver Storm, the strongest one-hundred-men squad amongst the mercenary corps in Felan .

Accordingly, the members of Sky Knights were retired soldiers from the Sky Knights corp . The weakest amongst them had the strength of at least level-seven . One of the main captains was said to have reached level-fifteen and above . The combat power of Silver Storm was almost comparable to that of the Felan Imperial Army . It was said that when Silver Storm had just been set up, they relied on the strength of these one hundred members of Silver Storm to slay a level-18 magical beast in the Nightmare Mountains before establis.h.i.+ng their position in one fell swoop as one of the top three mercenary corps in Felan .

With such a monstrous strength, which mercenary corp in Felan would not be envious of them?

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“Idiots of the Rising Sun, I'll give you two choices . One: jump out of the window yourselves . Two: wait for someone to throw you out . Think carefully, you don't have much time left!” It could because the inn was too quiet, but the captain that was circling in the air on his gryphon started to agitate Rode with words .

“Mr Felic, why do you have the time to come to Blackhills Town?”

“I planned to go to the Fire Plume Ridge . I did not think that I would be involved in this…” Lin Li had no choice but to smile . He started to question his morals as he had run into the same type of encounter twice at Blackhills Town .

“You want to go to the Fire Plume Ridge?” Hank was surprised when he heard it, and then he hurriedly asked, “Are you going tomorrow?”

“Yes, what's up?”

“That's great! Mr Felic, we are heading to the Fire Plume Ridge as well . Are you interested in going together?” The previous time at Blackhills Town, Hank wanted to pull Lin Li into Silver Hand . This fella refused to give up, and started to prod Lin Li in a roundabout way .

“This…” Lin Li hesitated for a moment .

Lin Li was very clear on what Hank was thinking about . Frankly speaking, he was rather tempted by this suggestion . A place like the Fire Plume Ridge was going to be more dangerous as they ventured further in . At any time, a level-15 and above magical beast could appear . If he could rely on a power like the Silver Hand, it would be much easier getting around .

The problem was…

Relying was one thing, but if he were to owe them a favor, it would be hard to return it .

Just when Lin Li was hesitating, Rode had already rushed up to the top of the roof, and screamed at the top of his lungs, “Serena, don't forget that I still have your Silver Hand members in my hands . Do you still want them to live?”

“Nonsense . How can the people of the Silver Hand be caught trashes like you? Trust you? Do you think I am as idiotic as you—”

“Ok! Just wait, I'll prove it to you now!” Seeing that Serena did not believe it, Rode started to feel fl.u.s.tered . He pointed at Hank . “You, come over here . Speak to your captain . ”

“Don't disturb me, I'm busy…” Hank was busy recruiting someone, so why would he even bother about other things? Rode was screaming, yet he did not even turn around .

“F*ck…” Rode was so angry that his lungs almost exploded . Forget about the woman swaggering around on a gryphon above him . Now, even a low-ranked mercenary did not even care about him . Was there any more justice in this world?

Just when Rode was raging till he trembled, Lin Li realized something unusual .

Those footsteps were too far just now, and he did not take notice . But as time pa.s.sed by, Lin Li started to feel something was wrong…

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