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Chapter 172 - Exchanging With Lives

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Chapter 172: 172

“It's the middle of the night, are you gonna let me sleep…”

Lin Li opened the window in a depressed manner, and saw that there were a few carriages that stopped outside the front of the inn . A group of fellas wielding their weapons came down from the carriages one after another . There were more than ten people in this group, and they looked threatening and malicious . Even if Lin Li was blind, he knew that they were not here to stay at the inn .

What made Lin Li feel odd was that these people were not bandits, though they were also looking malicious and using weapons . Lin Li could distinguish who was a bandit and who was an adventurer .

The leather armor on these people were inscribed with a pair of interlocking swords as their logo . This should be the logo of a certain group of mercenary corp . It was like Silver Hand that had a sword and the Ruby Moon Mercenary Corps that used a red crescent . As for which group this was, Lin Li had no clue yet…

And the last person that came down from the carriage was even a mage .

Lin Li was shocked . A mercenary corp that had mages was uncommon…

Within Alanna city, the prowess of a mercenary corps was usually determined by the number of mages they had . Why was Elijah doing well? It was because he had a team of more than ten mages that had powerful magic strength under him . Some of them were even archmages . Elijah relied on this strength to barge his way through into the top ten mercenary corps in Alanna .

At this time, Lin Li had no choice but to admit that this was not a weak mercenary corp .

The boss of this inn was really unlucky . He was slapped till he could not even differentiate his directions . Half of his face was swollen; it was like a bun was shoved into his face . When he spoke, it was as if there was air leaking out . “You… What do you want?”

“It's none of your business, scram!” The one that struck him was a young bandit that looked fierce and tough . Before the inn's boss could finish speaking, he was kicked, and sprawled on the floor .

“Brothers!” The bandit kicked the boss, and turned back, pointing at an inn . “Whoever catches that woman, I will let him have some fun first!”

“Ok!” The bandit's words of incitement were like throwing a piece of meat in the middle of a pack of wolves . The group of adventurers' eyes immediately turned red, and they rushed into the inn growling and snarling, fearing to be the last .   ( Boxno vel . co m )

The trampling footsteps came from the bottom . Lin Li released Warlock's Eyes and sent them to watch the events in the corridor . At the same time, his gaze was set upon the mage that was at the entrance of the inn .

The mage was in his forties . His face was so pale that it did not have the color of blood . It looked like he was a zombie that had just crawled out from the graveyard . His body was emitting an evil yet cold aura . This feeling naturally made Lin Li remember the undead creatures at the Shadowglen…

But, most importantly, based on what Lin Li saw, the mage was at least level-14 . He was at the border of entering the realm of archmages .

Lin Li thought for a long while, but he could not recall which mercenary corps in Alanna city had the strength to recruit a person that was so close to the level of an Archmage .

Just when Lin Li was pondering, a group of adventurers had rushed to the second floor .

From the Warlock's Eyes vision, Lin Li could clearly see that there a total of nineteen adventurers . There were ten warriors, six thieves, and three archers . If the mage that was downstairs was included, it would be exactly twenty people .

The thief that struck was the leader of this group of people . He was holding a dagger in each of his hands, and when he came upstairs, his whole body gave off a murderous aura .

“Bam!” When the thief came up to the second floor, he immediately kicked open the door that was next to stairs .

“What you are doing!?” A trader was staying inside that room . When the thief kicked the door, there was a scream coming from the room .

“Shut up! If you wanna live, then continue sleeping!”

After threatening the trader fiercely, the thief then signaled to his underlings . “Continue searching, you must find that woman!”

“Yes!” With the command from thief, a group of adventurers became even more outrageous, kicking the doors . They did not care what the other party was doing, they just unsheathed their weapons and chased those people out .

“Seems like I won't get to sleep tonight…” Lin Li sighed; he looked rather annoyed .

By judging the situation, it was a matter of time before it was his turn…

As he had expected, a big mustached man kicked open his door in the next moment .

This big mustached man was tall and buff . He held an axe in each of his hands . His tanned face was filled with killing intent . He looked as though he was fiercer than Sean, the human magical beast .

The big mustached man raised both axes when he just came in . “Get out!”

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Even though Hank's strength was nothing much, he was still a member of the Silver Hand . Within Alanna, Silver Hand was a mercenary corps that was at least in the top three . Everyone was of the same profession, so how could this bandit not know it, and how could he be so daring to actually lay his hands on someone from the Silver Hand? From the looks of it, it seemed like he did not only want to lay his hands on Hank . Just now, wasn't this guy shouting that he wanted to catch a woman?

Wait… a woman?

This sudden thought gave Lin Li a shock . The woman that the fella mentioned… could it be Ina?

Before Lin Li could ponder more, the bandit had a gloomy look, and asked, “Just these few?”

Just when the thief had finished his sentence, another adventurer came out from room beside . “Captain, this room is empty . I fear the woman has already…”

“Understood…” The thief nodded, and walked to Hank with a gloomy face . “Let me ask you, where is that woman?”

Hank cooly laughed . “Rode, do you think you can hide that tiny bit of shrewdness of your's from Captain Serena? Wipe your a*s and wait, the end of your Rising Sun Mercenary Corp is coming!”

“When did Serena escape?” The thief's face was as black as the base of a pot . He did not imagine that this surefire operation would go wrong at the most crucial part . Serena escaped . What was the point of catching these small fishes?

“Heh…” Hank had a proud look, and he pointed at the two thieves at the entrance of staircase . “It was when these two idiots were only watching us . ”

“…” When Hank's voice just fell, the two thieves' face were immediately as white as a sheet . They messed up in such a crucial situation, so the only fate that awaited them could only be…

“Trash . I will deal you with later…” Rode stared at those two thieves menacingly, and then ordered his underlings . “Bring them away . ”

“Yes!” The thieves voice had just befallen them when a group of fierce and aggressive adventurers rushed over .

“Hey, Hank, how could it be so coincidental?” At this point, it was improper for Lin Li to continue watching the events unfold . In any case, Hank had helped him before . If it was not because he had provided information, Lin Li would be clueless about the trouble that Ina had run into .

“Fel… Mr Felic?” Hank eyes were instantly wide open . He could not imagine that he would run into this young mage again at Blackhills Town . Although he was surprised, his suspended heart finally descended into place at the same time . He was clear that if this young mage were here, his life would be safe…

“Guys, how about some negotiations?” Lin Li looked at the thief that was called Rode, and smiled politely . “Anyhow, capturing Mr Hank is useless . Why don't we strike a deal?”

The thief was stupefied initially, and stared at Lin Li for a while before murmuring, “What kind of deal?”

“This…” Lin Li scratched his head, and thought about it agonizingly before probing, “Why not just using your lives?”

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