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Chapter 167 - The Kingdom’s Arms Dealer

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Chapter 167: 167

“The leader of the Marathon Family, Wilhelm…”

“What Marathon…” Lin Li was a little confused at the beginning, but his speech stopped halfway as he nearly bit his tongue . “You meant Marathon Workshop?”

“That's right…”

Lin Li stared at Azalez in a daze, and only after a while did he mutter, “What a big shot…”

That is really a big shot…

In the whole Felan Kingdom, there was one power that could be comparable to Mannes Family in terms of wealth—the Marathon Family .

The kingdom's legendary arms dealer controlled 70 percent of the forging business . As long as it was related to forging, anything would carry the logo of Marathon's smithy .

The two influential families—the Marathon and the Mannes Family—controlled almost the entire kingdom's wealth .

The strategies of these two, however, were completely different .

The Mannes Family's Gilded Rose had always been all over the Felan Kingdom . Their trademark could be found even in the most “ulu” village . According to Ysera, he was absolutely going to expand the Gilded Rose business into heaven after he died!

On the other hand, the Marathon Family was a renowned merchant .

Their best equipment would always be provided for the kingdom's army . For example, the carbines and armors of the Sky Knights were all manufactured in Marathon smithy .

To exaggerate a little, without Marathon, wars would still break out in today's Felan Kindom, and all mages would be required to put on armor .

Compared to Mannes Family that had been around since a long time, Marathon Family was just established 600 years ago, and only attained its fame in the recent 300 years .

Back then, Marathon smithy was only a small blacksmith shop . Throughout the hundred years, their exquisite forging skills allowed the tiny blacksmith business to inch its way up . They not only gained a monopoly in today's Felan Kingdom, but also reached out into different other aspects .

In the last 600 years, the Marathon Family expanded to every corner of Felan Kingdom with its wealth .

Members of the Marathon Family could be found everywhere—regardless of whether in the state or the military . After some time, such a network had turned the Marathon Family into a terrifying and formidable giant .

In terms of wealth and power, today's Marathon Family had reached the peak of glory . Even the Mannes Family that had a similar level of wealth would be incomparable to them because of the Marathons' strong backer—the whole military of the Felan Kingdom .

The leader of the clan in this generation was Sir Wilhelm, who won the king's deep trust . Being in charge of the Felan military for over 30 years, he had been promoted to become the n.o.ble duke of Felan Kingdom . For his status and ability as a Legendary Warrior, everyone who met him had no choice but to address him politely as 'Sir Wilhelm' .

… And that was the Marathon Family's glory today .

“That Matthias you had injured is the second son of Wilhelm,” Azalez said as he glanced at Lin Li worriedly .

“I'm surprised…” Lin Li touched his nose and laughed awkwardly . Honestly, he did not expect Matthias to have such a powerful background .

Even though he was a little stupid to be the son of the kingdom's arms provider…

Azalez remained quiet despite a doubtful expression on his face .

There was one thing he could not figure out .

How would he not know that Wilhelm was the type of person who would seek revenge for the slightest grievance? Matthias was the only magic genius in the few hundred years the clan existed, and was sent to Sunrise City Guild of Magic at a very young age . Matthias did not let Wilhelm down, either, becoming a young level-12 Magic Shooter .

Even the ants of Alanna would know the love Wilhelm had for his little son . Before the trial started, Wilhelm already convinced all his connections—including the royal mage, Aghis, to help Matthias excel in it .

This matter was no secret among the n.o.bles of Felan Kingdom; even the leader of the Sky Knights, Azalez, who rarely socialized, heard of it too .

Yet no one expected Matthias to suffer fracture to his four limbs at the beginning of the trial . Such incident was undoubtedly a tight slap to Wilhelm .

Since Wilhelm was a very petty and vengeful man, how would he forgive the young mage before him?

Azalez could not understand why this fella could still be alive, and also have the leisure to explore the black market so freely .

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But Lin Li had long understood the reason .

As the owner of an equipment shop, how would Buck be unaware of the value of the Eternal Adamantine? It was something no ordinary person could acquire—even if they were just fragments . The owner thanked Lin Li for it every time he saw him, causing Lin Li to feel a little embarra.s.sed .

“Oh, yes, Boss Buck . Actually, I'm here to ask for a favor from you . ” Lin Li looked around the equipment shop before continuing, “I have some skin of magical beasts . Can you help me dry it? I will be back after two days . ”

“Of course,” Buck replied . The Eternal Adamantine given to him had helped him a lot, and he was a man with grat.i.tude .

If not for the Eternal Adamantine, how would the sales of the armors be that good?

“There are 10 sheets . How much should I pay you?”

“Don't mention it…” Buck rejected Lin Li's offer as he took the parcel from him . “You had helped me a lot, and I don't even have the chance to thank you! How would drying the skin of magical beasts trouble me? Mage Felic, if you are going to talk about money, you would be looking down on me…” “”

“…” Lin Li did not expect Buck to be so insistent . Since he did not want to accept the money, Lin Li could only thank him once more . “I'll trouble you, then . ”

“That's nothing…”

Buck was not wrong to say that his business these few days was rather good . The moment Lin Li pa.s.sed the parcel to him, customers entered the shop before Lin Li could turn around .

They were two youthful adventurers: a bandit and a warrior . The warrior had a double-edged sword strapped to his back . Lin Li could tell that it was a fire-element weapon . Among the adventurers in Alanna, people who could use magical weapons were considered well off .

As for the bandit, Lin Li was surprised to see his boots .

If Lin Li did not see wrongly, that pair of boots must have undergone magical enchantment,

It seemed that those two adventurers were close with each other .

The reality verified Lin Li's prediction as well . When the two men set foot into the shop, the warrior asked, “Boss, I've heard that you sell armors made from the Eternal Adamantine?”

Seeing the customers, Buck could only smile at Lin Li apologetically, and leave the parcel on the counter first .

He said in a friendly tone, “Young man, you have a great taste . We not only sell armors made from the Eternal Adamantine, but also weapons produced by the Marathon smithy . Do you want to take a look at this rifle?”

“I don't need weapons for the time being . Could you show the armors to me? If they're as good as what they say outside, I might buy two sets of them . ” From the request of the adventurer, it was clear that he was here for the Eternal Adamantine .

Lin Li was surprised that mere fragments of the Eternal Adamantine could give an equipment shop such a good business…

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