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Chapter 162 - Thunder Eaglet

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Chapter 162

Jarrosus was a small northern city, and Alanna was the imperial capital of Felan . These two cities had a vastly different style, but they had one thing in common, and it was how messy the black markets were . They were similarly bustling . Furthermore, the situation in Alanna was worse than in Jarrosus .

This place was too awful . The pungent smell of low-quality tobacco mixed with sweat was very suffocating, and there was rubbish all over the floor . The fruit peels, of paper, and ash were all mixed together . One had to be careful, for they might step on it . There were only noise and arguments when walking amongst the crowd . It was like a million flies constantly buzzing beside your ear . Occasionally, there would be a scream . It was either a female adventurer that got groped, or a male adventurer that had their wallet stolen . All in all, this place was like a market, but magnified by a hundred times .

With a situation that was worse than Jarrosus', it would naturally have more goods than Jarrosus .

After all, Alanna was the capital of Felan . The adventurers here were much stronger than those in Jarrosus . The products they could supply were naturally not something Jarrosus's black market could compete with .

From armor to weapons and magical crystals, from gems to ores and herbs . A dazzling array of products was piled together, causing people to see things in a blur . At the corner of the street, there were a few small metal cages, and within these cages were some Thunder Eaglets . Thunder Eagles were level-10 magical beasts . Hunting their young was not easier than slaying the eagles . No matter if it was a human or a magical beast, they would erupt with astonis.h.i.+ng power when their family was under threat .

The one selling the Thunder Eaglets was a bandit wearing a brown leather armor . He looked to be in his twenties, and his pair of eyes had a unique feature . They seemed to be keen . No matter who looked over, it seemed like their first reaction would be to cover their wallets .

Gerian, that shameless person, said before that an attractive guild president like himself did not have to do anything—he only needed to show an adequate expression, and people would obey him .

Lin Li felt that this description was befitting of this fella . Such an attractive bandit like him did not have to do anything; people would cover their wallets if he just made a face at them .

Without a doubt, he was indeed an attractive bandit .

What was more attractive than his eyes was his figure .

This figure was indeed too spectacular!

Based on Lin Li's estimation, this bandit that was wearing leather armor with two daggers by his boots was fatter than Gerian . He seemed like a meatball when looking at him .

It was hard for Lin Li to imagine…

How was this huge thing able to achieve high-difficulty movements such as stealthy movements and sneak attacks?

“Mr Mage, you have sharp eyes . With one look, you seemed to have taken a fancy to my Thunder Eagles . Come over and take a look . I am selling genuine Thunder Eaglets, one for ten thousand gold coins! I would even give you an exclusive secret rearing manual for free . Don't miss it as you walk past . It is a rare deal to rear a Thunder Eagle for such a cheap price!”

The fat bandit's exaggerated promotion made Lin Li feel amused . This guy was indeed made for business . He promoted the thunder eagles to a mage . These level-10 magical beasts were naturally proficient in Thunder spells, but they had no specialty in fighting . There was no need for a mage to buy it . Was it not equivalent to bringing more Thunderbolt scrolls?

“Shut up, Shaun!”

Elijah operated a mercenary corp . He would make deals with all sorts of people in the black market almost every day . The tricks of this fat bandit were not known to others, but Elijah definitely knew them . What exclusive secret rearing manual? This jerk's secret magical beast rearing manual was copied from a circus in the first place…

A Thunder Eagle was a level-10 magical beast . It would not be possible to be good at rearing when using these methods for cats and dogs…

If such methods were possible, wouldn't Anril be full of magical beast tamers?

It was not that n.o.body bought magical beasts offspring from him before . It was just that out of those who bought it, who had successfully reared them?

Magical beasts were not the usual beasts . When they matured, the natural ferocity and bloodl.u.s.t would start to show, but it would not be seen when they were young . Once it had reached that point, any training would be useless . It was either to kill or be killed by it… Luckily, those that had bought these magical from this fella chose to do the former . For the time being, no human blood had been shed . Otherwise, this guy would have been beaten to death .

This originally had nothing to do with Elijah, for everybody was making a living . He sold his fake rearing methods, while Elijah managed his own mercenary corp . It was fine once you knew and would not be scammed . There was no need to ruin his business .

But, the problem was this guy chose to scam this monstrous mage out of everybody else…

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Was he somebody that you could just casually scam as well?

No matter how he looked, he couldn't understand it—why was Elijah so respectful towards this young mage?

This was uncharacteristic of Elijah…

Could it be the background of this young mage was so good that Elijah had no choice but to be respectful?

The fat bandit could not make head nor tail out of it . He only heard that Lin Li left him a message before leaving . “Help me reserve one Thunder Eagle . ”

“Ah?” The fat bandit was stunned for a while .

When Elijah had appeared just now, he already knew this deal was busted . A person like Elijah was definitely able to see through his small trickery . Since that young mage was Elijah's friend, naturally he would not be going to be baited .


When that young mage left, what did that sentence mean?

Help him reserve one Thunder Eagle? There were still people who were earning a lot?

“Oh, yes . What is the background of that bandit?” Lin Li casually asked while walking .

“That guy is called Shaun, a famous cheater in this area . He is a level-10 bandit . I heard he was from Breezy City, but for unknown reasons, he came to Alanna . Usually, he does not dot accept missions from the Adventurers Guild; he only relies on selling magical beasts' offspring to make ends meet . I also do not know where he gets these magical beasts' offspring from…”

“Are there a lot?”

“Yes . Almost after each period of time, he would change the offspring he is selling . The other time, I think I saw him selling Shadow Panther offspring . That fella is really s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g around . Luckily, they were sold . Otherwise, when these Shadow Panther cubs have grown up, who knows what may happen…”

This fella was really talented, he could even obtain the cubs of a Shadow Panther…

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