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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 161 - Earthquake

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Chapter 161

Herza's words were like a lighted match being thrown into gasoline . With a roar, everyone in the banquet hall was ignited . The once quiet banquet hall had suddenly become bustling with noise . Everyone seemed to be discussing fervently; whispers were blending together, causing the quiet banquet hall to be lively like a city .

All 24 young mages had a pleasantly surprised look .

Before partic.i.p.ating in the trials at Alanna, none of them could have thought that such an opportunity was awaiting them . Prior to today, they had not even dreamt of being a guild president of a Guild of Magic .

The Felan Kingdom was a country of magic . A president of a Guild of Magic was not a small matter . He could have enormous resources and the right to study the most complex spells, and he would not be bound by common law .

Most in the crowd were not older than twenty years . At this age, immense power and an honorable status were undoubtedly the most tempting .

Being able to become the president of a Guild of Magic at the age of twenty was something unheard of in the Felan Kingdom . The victor of this trial would be destined to be the brightest s.h.i.+ning star of the Felan Kingdom .

Who would be able to resist such an opportunity and temptation?

Even the fidgeting Fredrick that seemed like he has piles had his eyes lit . Both his eyes were staring at Herza . It was as though he was a wolf that had not eaten for days looking at a piece of fresh meat…

Sa.r.s.en looked at Gryffindor, who was far away . This number one genius of Felan was always composed . He would sometimes show a relaxed smile when speaking to his companions . However, he emitted an endless sense of self-confidence from his body . It was as though the champions.h.i.+p of this finals was within his grasp .

Sa.r.s.en let out a sigh . Although Gryffindor was arrogant, he had to admit that there was a reason for Gryffindor's self-confidence .

Ever since they returned from the Shadowglen, Sa.r.s.en met Gryffindor numerous times . He could clearly feel that Gryffindor's strength had immensely improved . The current him might already have bordered the realm of an Archmage . Maybe just by progressing a little more, he would be able to step in the realm that every mage dreamt of .

Even Sa.r.s.en could not make out how strong the current Gryffindor was .

He only knew that he had been left in the dust by this number one genius of Felan .

The scenery of the Shadowglen started to slowly appear in Sa.r.s.en . He had to admit that this world indeed had geniuses . Their existence was to let those who were trying to chase up to lose hope . For example, Gryffindor, who was at approaching the realm of an Archmage in his twenties, and that fella who went up against a Lich…

Most likely only that fella could be a match for Gryffindor .

Sa.r.s.en unknowingly gazed into the distance . That young mage from Jarrosus was still calm and composed . He was now bored, playing with a knife and fork . It looked like he was an outsider that was not affected by the earlier news at all .

Compared to the cheering of the youngsters, the people like Macklin were more prudent .

In fact, the looks on their faces could be described as serious .

The over twenty archmages present were core members of the Alanna Guild of Magic . The things they knew were much more profound than these youngsters .

Their perspective of issues was naturally much more different .

In fact, Macklin was now having a headache .

A new Guild of Magic was not going to be that simple .

This meant something of more immediate significance . For example, it could be the part.i.tion of the boundaries of authority, or the division of privileges or the relations between each other, and much more…

These questions were philistine, but they still existed, constantly puzzling everyone…

The benefits of Felan's twenty-four Guilds of Magic were intertwined with each other, and it was very messy . This mess had not been cleared for more than 1200 years since the end of the Dark Ages .

Yet, the decision made by the Supreme Council was like taking this mess into their hands and squas.h.i.+ng it . The mess that could not be solved was now worse .

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n.o.body knew what the Supreme Council was thinking, much less what they were planning to do .

As for the rest that could not enter the Omniscient Tower, they did not show weakness . They went to the Adventurers Guild without prior consultation and took on the most challenging missions . They used this self-torturing method to close the gap between them and the others .

Even though they had a mountain like Gryffindor pressuring them, n.o.body gave up during this month .

During a real battle, who would know what could happen? It was not only Gryffindor that had a chance to fight for this position . Maybe a mistake in a spell could deliver this chance to them .

This was the general thought that most of these young mages had .

This tense atmosphere was motivating many people .

Even Mason, who was usually not very diligent, had visited the Omniscient Tower almost every day . Furthermore, he would drag Orrin to the spell testing hall, bombarding it with various spells .

As for why he looked for Orrin, and not Lin Li? This was slightly complicated…

If Mason were to answer, he would most likely whisper, “F*ck . Do I not have nothing better to do but look for that monster? That's torture alright…”

Of course, even if he did want to find Lin Li, he might not be able to find him .

Lin Li was as busy .

It was just that the things he was busy with were different from the rest .

Initially, he gave Elijah one month to find somebody in the black market . However, after one week, the blond youngster had brought him good news .

“Mr Mage, I have already completed the task you gave me!” The fair-skinned face of the blond youth was filled with excitement . He had no choice but to be excited as it was a deal for three bottles for Bull's Strength Potion… .

“Bring me immediately . ” Li Li did not say anything else and dragged Elijah out of the Guild of Magic .

Both of them hurriedly left the guild hall, and went through the streets of Alanna . After a short time, they saw the main entrance of the Adventurers Guild . The black market was established within the vicinity of the Adventurers Guild, just like in Jarrosus . This was very normal as it was natural to do such trades where adventurers were entering and leaving…

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