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Chapter 158 - Arcane Wall

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Chapter 158: 158

Lin Li rubbed his eyes hard so that he could see even more clearly .

He hadn't seen it wrong .

Gone—all gone…

Whether it was the colorful light on the Elemental s.h.i.+eld or the four fireb.a.l.l.s around the Flame s.h.i.+eld, all of them had suddenly disappeared without trace…

“That's too fake…” Lin Li stared at Macklin in dismay . For a moment, his eyes were straightened out .

Macklin was someone close to the legendary-level . The elemental and flame s.h.i.+eld that he had propped up at the same time could almost withstand all strikes of the Archmage-level . Lin Li even felt that if someone like Aldwin had made the move personally, he might not even be able to break these two s.h.i.+elds .

However, everything before him was so real .

It was true that someone broke the two s.h.i.+elds in an instant .

And that person was Lin Li himself…

Lin Li completely lost his mind . He couldn't believe all this turned out to be true .

That was the Flame s.h.i.+eld—only after breaking through the realm of an Archmage could one possess this specialized s.h.i.+eld . It directly applied the power of the elemental source . Its defensive power had reached the point of almost abnormal . In addition to the Flame s.h.i.+eld, Macklin was also covered with a layer of Elemental s.h.i.+eld .

Breaking the two s.h.i.+elds at the same time almost meant that he had the opportunity to threaten a figure close to the Legendary-level in that very short period of time .

There was no doubt that it was the Dragon's Eye that allowed him to break through the two s.h.i.+elds .

“This is real?”

“F*ck, duh…” The old man cursed exasperatedly . He was really frightened just now . Macklin had never expected that there was such a perverted spell in this Dragon's Eye .

“How can this be…” Although he had vaguely guessed something, Lin Li could not help but take in a cold breath upon hearing Macklin's admission . “It really broke your s.h.i.+elds just now?”

“No, you can't say that . ” Macklin shook his head, and looked hesitant . “In that case, interruption may be more appropriate…”

“Why is it interruption?”

“The reasons are complicated . If you want to make it clear, you need to know one thing first . ”

Lin Li stood surprised . “What is it?”

“The thing is… F*ck, kid you're too d.a.m.n lucky!” the old man cursed indignantly, and then went on saying, “Do you know what spell is hidden in this Dragon's Eye?”

“No, I don't…”

“If I remember correctly, this spell should be called the Arcane Wall, a level-15 spell that has been lost for 1,200 years…”

“Make a guess . How formidable do you think this spell is?”

“How can I guess…” Lin Li shook his head numbly . He suddenly realized that he had shaken his head more times in a day than all the previous months combined .

The old man laughed, and then went on to say, “This magic is powerful in that it can cut off mana in an instant . To some extent, it is similar to Mana Retroaction, but Mana Retroaction is achieved by suppression . At the same time as interrupting the spell, it also has an anti-mana effect . On the contrary, Arcane Wall is achieved by cutting off mana, which will not produce the anti-mana effect; it can only cut off the circulation of mana temporarily . ”

“Isn't that another Mana Retroaction?”

“Wrong!” Macklin shook his head . “There is a most obvious difference between these two spells: Mana Retroaction can interrupt the recitation of spells, while Arcane Wall can at most prolong the duration of recitation . Its real use is against channel and semi-channel spells . ”

Lin Li nodded; he really understood it this time .

The so-called channel spells referred to spells that required a continuous output of mana in the process of spell-casting . For example, there were 12 Arcane Missile in total; in the process of releasing the 12 Arcane Missile, it was necessary to maintain a state of spell-casting all the time . Once interrupted, it would be impossible to release all 12 Arcane Missile at once .

Semi-channel spells referred to spells such as the Elemental s.h.i.+eld—there was no need to maintain a spell-casting state, nor to use the mental strength to channel . When using semi-channel spells, the spell-caster was required to continue the provision of mana . If the mana output was interrupted, the Elemental s.h.i.+eld would naturally disappear .

“Does that mean that I can interrupt anyone's mana at will in future battles so as to achieve the effect of breaking through magic s.h.i.+elds?”

“No, no, no… You're wrong again . ” Macklin shook his head .


“Arcane Wall doesn't work that way . First of all, you have to be clear that the Arcane Wall is not a Mana Retroaction . It lasts too shortly, and does not produce an anti-mana effect . When mana is interrupted, it would only take a moment to recover . What can you do in that moment? Not to mention recite a spell, you may not even be able to unleash an instantaneous spell . ”

“Then what's the significance of this Arcane Wall?”

“In the Dark Ages, the Arcane Wall was a spell that every member of the Magic Legion had to master . Don't underestimate the interruption of a moment . During the war at that time, few people had the guts to release channel spells in front of the members of the Magic Legion . Do you know why? It's precisely because of the existence of the Arcane Wall!”

“That exaggerated?” Lin Li frowned . To be honest, he was incredulous . If, as Macklin said, the effect lasted only for a moment, what significance did it hold to interrupt the channel spells?

“Fool!” Macklin glared at him fiercely . “Don't you know that interruption could bring about the bite of mana?”

After being chided by Macklin, Lin Li suddenly remembered that forcibly interrupting the casting of a spell could bring about the bite of mana . In particular, for some channel spells—because they had to focus their attention on casting, once interrupted, it would likely result in mental confusion .

The battle between mages was rapidly changing, and there was absolutely no room for a single mistake . It would only take one bite of mana to turn the game around . Moreover, it might result in mental confusion, which was much more powerful than the bite of mana . The severity ranged from loss of mana control to schizophrenia .

At the end of the conversation, Macklin concluded with a sentence, “So, kid… you are really lucky this time . Put it away properly . If you use it right, you may even have a chance to defeat an Archmage . ”

“Mhm . ” Lin Li nodded, and carefully put Dragon's Eye in his pocket .

“Knowing that you have this thing, I feel more at ease… . ” As Macklin spoke, he opened the closed door and came out of the Spelling Testing Hall, his aged face filled with triumphant smile . “At least you don't have to worry about that fellow, Darian, anymore . He loves to use channel spells . When the time comes… You can use this gemstone to give him a big surprise . d.a.m.n it, I've been unhappy with this idiot for a long time . If he really comes to find trouble with you, don't need to give me face at all—beat him as hard as you can . I'd like to see if he still has the face to stay in Alanna after being beaten by a Magic Shooter…”

It was unknown whether Darian could stay or not, but there was one person who certainly couldn't .

His name was Matthias…

Lin Li had been running to the Omniscient Tower every day over the past ten days . Although he had not been there today, he was too busy to notice that the words he had used to tease Matthias had gradually spread in the Alanna Guild of Magic…

“Let me tell you a secret…”

“What secret?”

“Do you know Matthias from Sunrise City? I heard that he's impotent!”

“F*ck! That exciting?”

“Yes, yes . Pity Sir Wilhelm, he finally has a son, but he turns out to be impotent…”

“Sigh, it's a tragedy indeed…”

“You're the only person I told this secret to . You'll have to help me keep it, and not tell anyone else about it!”

“Mhm, no problem . ”

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“Let me tell you a secret…”

During those ten days in bed, he had thought over and over again, gradually finding out the crux of the battle .

In this world, it was absolutely impossible for anyone to withstand a fireball without magical s.h.i.+eld . Even a legendary mage would not be able to bear it . It was not something that could be endured with physical strength at all, unless… unless that fellow named Felic was wearing some magical equipment…

Matthias could even guess that the use of this magical equipment would most likely produce a similar effect to a magical s.h.i.+eld . The fireball that he'd fired at that time must have been blocked by this magical equipment .

This was exceptionally important…

It was the magical equipment that had blocked the fireball, not the strength of the fellow himself .

Matthias believed he couldn't be mistaken . The Jarrosus country boy's strength would never exceed level-seven . Even if he had made new breakthroughs in the past dozen days, it would never be beyond that of level-ten . As long as he knew the real strength of his opponent, with his strength of a level-12 Magic Shooter, how could he be making the same mistakes again?

It was also because of this that Matthias never understood why Mentor Aeron had asked him to endure .

Endure, endure… He wondered how long he'd have to endure…

“A moment of carelessness? Hahaha…” Aeron seemed to have heard some funny joke when Matthias' words fell into his ears . After a long laugh, Aeron said to Matthias with sarcasm, “You should thank yourself for your carelessness…”

“Mentor Aeron, why is that?” Matthias was a little guilty, being laughed at .

“Why?” Aeron looked at him; his face was still full of derision . “Matthias, you're not really so naive, are you? Do you really think that the Jarrosus mage named Felic was only at the strength of level-seven?”

“Was he not?”

“Matthias, you are so naive that I want to laugh…” Aeron snickered derisively and continued until Matthias was rather insecure . Then, he shrugged his shoulders, and said indifferently, “Alright, alright . Matthias, just treat it as he's a level-seven mage; but, what about that? Do you think Macklin will allow you to hurt his disciple?”

At the mention of this, let alone Matthias, even Aeron himself was somewhat discouraged . There was one thing he had not told Matthias, because he feared that it would frighten him completely .

The so-called level-seven mage not only had the backing of Macklin, but also of a legendary mage named Andoine…

After returning from the Nightmare Mountains that day, Aeron had said nothing to anyone, and even forbade the two trial mages from speaking of that day again . In order to lull Macklin, he even pretended to have forgotten about it . But, Aeron remembered everything clearly in his heart . The person who hurt Bathrilor had to pay the price!

Aeron was only tolerating…

Aeron knew he had made a mistake .

It was the same mistake as Matthias—they had both underestimated the Jarrosus mage, Felic .

At that time, Aeron had thought it was just a level-seven mage, and there was no need for schemes and intrigues . He even thought that even if Macklin was right in front of him, he would never fall out with himself because of a low-level mage . So much so that Aeron didn't even bother coming up with a scheme when he was in the Nightmare Mountains . He merely tried to charge Felic with hurting his fellow mage and was going to take him to the guild dungeon by force .

It never occurred to him that this Felic could have prompted Andoine's help, and from later development, he found that the relations.h.i.+p between the two men had gone so deep that it was frightening—it had even gone beyond the scope of apprentices.h.i.+p .

For this reason, Aeron had reflected on himself for a long time .

Andoine's existence gave Aeron a feeling of being tied behind his back . He couldn't deal with Felic directly . Even if he did, he could not let Andoine know that he had something to do with the matter .

That day, after returning from the Nightmare Mountains, Andoine had asked Macklin to convey his words to him .

“You dare touch a hair on Felic, I'll chop off Bathrilor's hand . ”

Aeron knew Andoine did have the capability to do so . He dared not provoke Andoine until he had gotten his father's support, so he could only pretend nothing had happened .

But, that didn't mean that he had forgotten about it . In fact, Aeron didn't forget anything; he just hid his thoughts deeper .

Aeron soon had an idea—because it suddenly occurred to him that the fellow named Felic had not only hurt Bathrilor, but also his disciple, Matthias!

Matthias was not an ordinary person . If he was willing, he could make big news out of Matthias' status…

“Forget it… Matthias, if you really want to vent that anger, you should listen to me and follow my arrangements . Don't act on your own imagined cleverness and look for Felic like that . ” After Aeron had finished, he turned and walked out of Matthias' room . He had already devised a complete plan . As long as Matthias didn't act on his own, he'd soon be able to bring that Felic down . There was no need to tell Matthias what the plan was . After all, he was just a chess piece; chess pieces needed not know too much…

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