Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Xiao Qi Ye - 萧七爷

Chapter 1803 - “Collapsed Ruin (1)”

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Chapter 1803 “Collapsed Ruin (1)”

Bai Yan got all quiet.

It’s too dangerous to go on like this, and she doesn’t believe there’s truly no exit to reach the outside world. There must be a way, they merely haven’t found it yet.

“Father, come with me, I don’t believe there’s no way out of this big place.” Her eyes fell upon the big blue sky, those eyes carrying a determined light as they narrowed in.

Unbeknownst to herself, the delay in here would have astronomical effects on the outside world by the time they actually leave.


It’s been several months since Bai Yan went deep into to the ruins for the special rescue operation, and during this period the pipsqueak had never once left her spot on which she sat. Many tried to persuade her to go back to the manor so she doesn’t have to endure the harsh weather, but each time the child would refuse the request by stubbornly sitting on the rock she picked.

Ji Sky naturally worried for the security of the Monarch Manor after spending so much time away. However, he also knew he couldn’t just leave this precious girl here in the wilderness. As such, the senior had no choice but to task Fifth Elder to go back first while he waited around the ruins with Ling Yan. And since Bai Yan’s departure, Di Ling Yan hadn’t said much at all, nor has she eaten a single bite of food in months. Fortunately for her though, even if she doesn’t eat for months, she would remain unharmed thanks to the nourishment of the spirit particles in the air.

“Miss Ling Yan, your mother will be all right so please eat something, your body can’t go on like this….”

It doesn’t take much for everyone to notice the oddity with the pipsqueak’s const.i.tution. If it were an ordinary cultivator then they wouldn’t have much issue if they don’t eat for months, but he couldn’t sense an ounce of spirit particle in this girl’s body! That meant she’s not a cultivator and was keeping herself sustained through natural means!

“I’m going to wait for Mother…”

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That’s the first reply she’s given to Elder Sky in these few months. Instead of being delighted at the response though, the senior only grew more worried.

Everyone was stunned by this disastrous display, not able to understand what’s going on and why it’s happening.

Di Ling Yan was equally as shocked, but that shock quickly transformed into horror and fear as she bolted for the rubble.

“Mother, Grandmother!!!” Her tears flowed down those cheeks, the expression desperate and panicking.

“It’s dangerous!” Ji Sky flew into absolute shock and hurried forward to grab at the girl’s little arm. He’s equally as urgent but carried more control in the voice: “You can’t go over there, it’s too dangerous!”

“You let me go!” The voice of the pipsqueak sounded angry, “I want to be with Mother, I want to be with Mother forever!”

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