Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Xiao Qi Ye - 萧七爷

Chapter 1323 - The Death of Demi Divine Lord (3)

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Chapter 1323 “The Death of Demi Divine Lord (3)”

It was already too late by the time the old hag reacted. Flying out like an arrow, she slams into the ground from the impact and stirs up a dust of cloud in her wake. Even the ground seems to shake under her body’s weight.

Puking up blood as she slowly crawled back up: “Bai Yan, do you really think you’re strong? If it wasn’t for that forbidden drug and that sword in your hand, you would never be my opponent!”

Unfazed by the taunt, Bai Yan continues to encroach on the old hag: “I said it already, I will repay all the damage you people did to me in the past!”

Holding her G.o.dslayer, she pumps as much energy as she could into the blade for the final strike. And as if to answer her call, the sword also started to vibrate and ring in coherence.

This scared the old hag greatly. She could see the destructive aura coming out of that thing, and the blade was also growing bigger and bigger until it’s a towering column in size.

Originally Keeper Red wanted to dodge this beastly metallic body by dashing away, but clearly she’s mistook her own condition right now, not realizing how weak she truly was at this point. In the end, instead of moving like she wanted, she only staggered a few steps and took the blow right over her head. Blood sprayed everywhere from the crushing blow, turning the woman into a pile of mush of gore and red.

Just like that, a Demi Divine Lord that once ruled these lands have fallen, bringing down the curtain on this once powerful female of the ages.

Bai Yan didn’t come out of this unscathed either though despite killing her foe. She also stumbled backwards from the recoiling force. Using her G.o.dslayer as support, she scans the surrounding area with her cold hard gaze until it eventually landed on the Guardian Knight Wu Ling.

Frightened by the attention, the knight captain instinctively retreated to a spot further in the back.

Keeper Red is dead?

A Demi Divine Lord, Keeper Red is dead!

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She died by this woman’s hand?

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