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Chapter 418 - Overwhelming simply overwhelming

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Chapter 418 - Overwhelming simply overwhelming

Alex and the group headed towards one of the gymnasiums in the school, where the Basketball Club was a.s.signed to. Upon arriving, the first thing the group noticed, was that out of all of the gymnasiums, this one was the shabbiest. The group entered the gymnasium and saw two people playing one on one basketball.

The two who were playing didn't notice that Alex's group entering the gymnasium as they continued playing against each other. Alex looked at the two who were playing and noticed that they were moving in an inefficient manner. The two of them liked using feints but they did not know the right timing on when to use them. The Captain of the Basketball Club clapped his hands to catch the two players' attention.

The two players stopped playing and looked at the new arrivals. They were quite surprised to see their Caption alongside the members of the Mercenary Club.

"So you were actually able to do it, Daniel?" One of the players spoke with an astonished tone.

"Hey, while we're doing club activities, don't call me by my name, call me Captain. Also, of course, I was able to convince them. Were you expecting a different outcome?" Daniel, the Captain of the Basketball Club replied.

"I believed in you, Captain. I knew you would be able to bring them over."

"Stop sucking up at the Captain, Robert. It's embarra.s.sing."

"Alright, alright, stop it you two. How about you guys introduce yourselves to our guests."

The player who was speaking a bit disrespectfully spoke first. "The name's Luke, I'm the ace of this club and you better remember it."

"I'm Robert, it's nice to meet you guys."

After the two introduced themselves, the members of the Mercenary Club did the same. Once everybody was acquainted with each other, Oliver spoke.

"Now that everybody has made their greetings, how about a practice game? The members of the Basketball Club versus us, the members of the Mercenary Club."

"I know that Alex is good in one on one, but Basketball is a team sport, and I don't think it would be fair if we play against you guys," Luke responded to Oliver.

"It's just a practice game, no need to get serious. I'm sure that you guys also want to know what level we are at. This is also a good way to understand each others' plays."

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"Oliver is right, this is a good chance to see each others' abilities. So let's play one game." Daniel agreed with Oliver. Luke sighed as he shrugged his shoulders. On the other hand, Robert readily agreed, excited to play.

"That's a three-pointer, right?"

When the one in charge of recording the score heard Alex's voice he snapped out of his shocked state and nodded his head, he then flipped the scoreboard showing Alex's team gaining three points.

Daniel shrugged off his surprise and shouted at his teammates. "Focus! We'll score as well!"

The Basketball team were now on the attack. Robert was the point guard and he was being marked by Niel. As he was about to pa.s.s the ball to Luke, Niel suddenly intercepted him as he was making the motion to pa.s.s. Niel was able to steal the ball and pa.s.sed it to Oliver, who was already running towards the hoop. No one was able to catch up to Oliver, who had made a fast break and dunked into the hoop. The score was now 5-0 and not even a minute has pa.s.sed.

This trend continued for the entire game. Every time the basketball club had the ball, Niel would easily steal the ball and with extreme precision, pa.s.s the ball to either Alex or Oliver. When Alex gets the ball, no matter where he was, he would simply toss the ball, and it would sink into the hoop. On the other hand, when Oliver gets the ball, he would do some flashy moves and dunk the ball with extreme force.

During the game, many people started gathering in the gymnasium to watch the match. The whole gymnasium was now filled with students.

The game ended with a score of 148-0, it was an overwhelming victory for the Mercenary Club. As the audience were clapping for the Mercenary Club's victory, the Basketball Club felt ashamed at their performance. What made it even worse for the Basketball Club was that they were sweating profusely and panting heavily while Alex and his group didn't even seem to be tired. Seeing that was a huge blow for them.

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