Ace Of The Dragon Division

Dust Wind - 尘风

Chapter 114

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Yun Hua changed into her swimsuit and entered the water!

The memories from before flooded back…

She had told her mother that she needed to come to the pool to find someone to guide her on her posture but there really was no need.

She was champion of the secondary student category for swimming compet.i.tions on the city and province level. She was even the best performer in the national qualifiers and had entered the finals!

Back then, she was on a winning streak!

If it was not for Xiao Ru Yue crippling her leg, then she would have won!

There was absolutely no need for any guidance for her swimming!

Swimming the water, Yun Hua felt as if she had fully awakened her body. She could freely switch between various strokes.

She even started doing handstands underwater from the excitement.

She truly felt happy from the bottom of her heart!

She swam for 2 hours straight before reaching the limits of her physical ability but she was still full of excitement!

She felt that many things had changed after she was reborn.

She was still the same Yun Hua but she felt different too!

For example, her memory had become better. While it was not on the level of a photographic memory, but she would be able to memorise a completely new piece of pa.s.sage after reading it twice!

She also felt light while running and seemed to have an increased lung capacity.

Then there was her ability to swim. Now she was like a fish and swimming felt like second nature!

After two hours of intensive swimming, her entire body had become accustomed to the water again!

She felt that her current condition was great!

The swimming pool counted by the number of entries. It would count as another entry if she left and entered again, so Yun Hua had bought food in advance and continued swimming after taking a lunch break.

She did not want to waste it at all.

Hence, Yun Hua only left when the swimming pool at 6pm when it closed.

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She returned home after grabbing a carton of milk and an egg pancake.

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