A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Tang Yu - 唐玉

Chapter 856 - Love Is a Cosmetic Scalpel

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Chapter 856 Love Is a Cosmetic Scalpel

After a long and deep soul kiss, Mu Sijue loosened Xu Youning and stroked her red lips with his long fingers. “From now on, as a pregnant woman, if your mood is changeable, then you will be comforted in this way.”…

Given Xu Youning’s temper, she would probably scold him, at least she would irritate him back.

But this time, her reaction exceeded Mu Sijue’s expectations.

She just stared at him, and there was something surging in her eyes, which was hot and enthusiastic. It seemed that something was about to come out from there.

Mu Sijue narrowed his eyes and wanted to see it clearly. At this time, Xu Youning suddenly pounced on him and kissed his lips directly and firmly.

There were a lot of methods to express emotions.

But now, Xu Youning could only share her happiness with Mu Sijue in this way.

Mu Sijue would never know how grateful she felt at this moment.

Almost, she almost believed Doctor Liu and gave up their first child.

Fortunately, Mu Sijue was arbitrary and domineering enough to take her to do this physical examination and exposed Dr. Liu’s lie.

Fortunately, she was stubborn enough to refuse the professor’s advice of aborting the child immediately.

Otherwise, once she found that the child was actually a healthy one, she would definitely regret it in her remaining life.

Followed Mu Sijue’s consistent behaviors, Xu Youning opened his teeth with the tip of her tongue and deepened the kiss.

Mu Sijue was very surprised—not only because of Xu Youning’s initiative and pa.s.sions but also because he felt that Xu Youning seemed to be… very happy.

In any case, such an opportunity was rare. He shouldn’t let Xu Youning down.

He held the back of her head and hooked the tip of her tongue, absorbing her unique sweetness hardly.

Xu Youning neither resisted nor refused. She extended her arms to wrap Mu Sijue’s waist and hugged him tightly while constantly responding to him.

Mu Sijue pinned Xu Youning against the wall. He released a hand to hold her chin and adjust the angle so that he could continue to deepen the kiss.


Xu Youning endured Mu Sijue’s fierce offensive and soon couldn’t breathe at all.

In this respect, she had to admit that she was no match for Mu Sijue.

Feeling that Xu Youning nearly couldn’t breathe, Mu Sijue reluctantly left her lips and stared at her deeply.

Her lips were swollen sightly, and her eyes were full of confusion. Her whole body was covered with an irresistible charm.

For him, she did have feelings.

When Mu Sijue realized this, his face lit up instantly.

Xu Youning bit her lips, filled with unwillingness in her heart—how could he still be so calm? It was unfair!

Mu Sijue held Xu Youning’s chin and said, “What shall I do? I am increasingly addicted to you.”

He couldn’t deny that he had been captivated by Xu Youning crazily, who had become charming and enchanting because of him. He really wanted to… rub her into his bones and blood and integrate with her.

Xu Youning lifted her lips and said word by word, “If you work harder and perform better, perhaps I will be addicted to you increasingly as well.”

She blushed scarlet, as if her cheeks had been dyed by ethereal red clouds, which made her look particularly charming.

The smile on her lips just happened to spread to her canthi, which made her have a kind of attractive charm.

She probably didn’t know how… alluring she was at the moment.

Mu Sijue tried his best to restrain himself, but that kind of impulse still rushed out and tickled his heart.

In that case, why must he endure?

Xu Youning only felt that Mu Sijue’s breath was approaching. The next second, her lips had been kissed by him again.

This time, Mu Sijue was much gentler. He took slow moves and swept Xu Youning’s neat and clean teeth gently, making her feel his kiss carefully.

In a trance, Xu Youning had a feeling that Mu Sijue seemed… to be pleasing her.

“G.o.d, will the sun rise in the west tomorrow?” she wondered.

When Xu Youning was feeling surprised, Mu Sijue loosened her and asked, “Are you satisfied with my performance?”

His low and s.e.xy voice, coupled with his enchanting facial features, would make anyone who didn’t pay attention be captivated by him easily.

Xu Youning took a deep breath and tried to stay awake. She said calmly, “Not bad. Your performance… barely met my expectations. Well, looking forward to your next performance.”

Except for Xu Youning, no one dared to be so “rude” to Mu Sijue.

Mu Sijue lowered his head, and his warm lips just brushed past Xu Youning’s ear. “I’m also looking forward to your next ‘performance’.”


Along with Mu Sijue’s voice, some adult-only pictures came into Xu Youning’s mind. Her face suddenly became redder. She pushed Mu Sijue hardly, but unexpectedly, she was held by him more tightly.

Just then, the director pushed the door open and came in.

The director thought that something might have happened inside and wondered if Mu Sijue needed any help. But when he pushed the door open, there had been no tears on Xu Youning’s face already. She and Mu Sijue hugged each other, and the atmosphere in the office was so ambiguous that it made the director blush and her heart beat faster.

She came in at a bad time.

The director coughed and said calmly, “I opened the wrong door.”

After that, she quickly closed the door and walked away.

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Xu Youning gave Mu Sijue a nudge and said, “Let’s go back.”

Mu Sijue walked out of the ward and told his subordinates, “Be careful when you send Xu Youning back in the noon.”

His subordinates answered in unison, “Yes!”

Mu Sijue walked for several steps and suddenly stopped. He turned his head back and added, “Don’t let Xu Youning stay here for too long, in case Kang Ruicheng knows.”

The men were stunned for a while and then they nodded. It was unexpected so their voices were inevitably a little low.

Mu Sijue frowned and said, “Haven’t you eaten anything?” They all looked weak and feeble. How could he let them protect Xu Youning?

The subordinates were panicked and they quickly answered in unison, “Yes, we have!”

Mu Sijue growled, “Are you clear?”

“Yes!” One of his subordinates promised. “Seventh Brother, don’t worry. We shall certainly send Miss Xu back to the top of the mountain safely.”

Mu Sijue scanned all of them. Seeing that they were still in a good state, he left with ease.

By comparison, the atmosphere in the ward was much more relaxed.

Xiao Yunyun kept staring at the apple, which was in Shen Yuechuan’s hand. “Don’t you eat it? This apple is very sweet!” It would be such a waste not to eat it.

Shen Yuechuan shook his head and sighed in silence, then handed the apple to Xiao Yunyun.

“You really don’t want to eat it?” Xiao Yunyun took it from his hand at once. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you.”

Shen Yuechuan was feeling speechless when he noticed that Mu Sijue had left a doc.u.ment behind. He called someone in.

Two of his subordinates came in. Shen Yuechuan handed the doc.u.ment to one subordinate and asked him to go after Mu Sijue. He asked Mu Sijue to bring the doc.u.ment to Lu Boyan.

The other subordinate had nothing to do. Shen Yuechuan just wanted to ask him to go out, but he found that the young man seemed to want to say something but hesitated. He asked curiously, “What’s the matter?”

The young boy nodded and said, “Seventh Brother is kind of strange.”

Shen Yuechuan was more curious. “Where?”

“He…” the subordinate said hesitantly, “He should emphasize one thing repeatedly.”

It seemed like that the cool Mu Sijue was completely out of these words–emphasize repeatedly.

Shen Yuechuan thought of something and asked on purpose, “Oh, what did he repeat?”

The subordinate repeated what Mu Sijue had said just now and said in confusion, “We are all clear about these! If it was in the past, he would never have warned us again and again. But today, he should have repeated it twice!”

Shen Yuechuan thought for a while and comforted him, “He won’t emphasize one thing again and again if there’s nothing to do with Youning. You’d better endure it occasionally.”

The subordinate found that it was true that Mu Sijue would only warn them repeatedly about things related to Xu Youning.

Well, love was really a cosmetic scalpel!

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