A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Tang Yu - 唐玉

Chapter 527 - It's Up to You (1)

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Chapter 527 It’s Up to You (1)

Why did he buy the house?

Su Yicheng had never figured out the reason.

Su Jianan thought that she had perfectly hidden her secret crush on Lu Boyan when the rumors about his relationship with Han Ruoxi went viral a few years back. It was widely believed back then that the pair would have a happy ending.

Su Jianan had read all the reports about those rumors back then. However, she still went to work as usual every day with a smile on her face.

Su Yicheng had known Su Jianan well since she was a child. He didn’t think that she was happy.

One day back then, Su Yicheng invited Su Jianan to dinner after work at a western restaurant near the villa district. He found that Su Jianan had been looking outside the restaurant when they were waiting for their food. So he asked, “What did you see?”

“The houses are beautiful here!” Su Jianan looked sad and cheerful at the same time. “If I don’t get married in the future, I will buy a house here to spend my old age. I don’t mind living alone in such a beautiful house!”

Su Yicheng saw the house he would buy that day as he followed Su Jianan’s gaze.

The western-style house made of red bricks looked elegant and chic in the sunset that had covered the house quietly with its warm golden light.

It was a sweet little house with a low-maintenance garden. Anyone could enjoy his old age in a house like that, even if he lived alone with his pet.

However, Su Yicheng wasn’t thinking about Su Jianan’s future back then.

Because that was the house where he had met Luo Xiaoxi for the first time.

Su Yicheng forgot who had held a party in that house, and he couldn’t remember why he had attended the party. The only thing he had ever kept in mind was that it had been the place where he had met Luo Xiaoxi for the first time.

Luo Xiaoxi was in her teens at the time. She looked full of youth and vigor with carefully-combed fluffy black long hair. She skipped toward him with hands overlapped behind her back and greeted him as if she were his old friend.

He was six years older than her. He could tell from her bright eyes that she had feelings for him.

However, he was busy with his studies and businesses back then. He chose to ignore her, although his world was enlightened by Luo Xiaoxi’s sunny disposition.

Not long after, Luo Xiaoxi confessed her love to him.

Luo Xiaoxi was fearless enough to do that. She thought that she should express her feelings to the person she liked.

While he thought that it was naive for her to do that, he also thought that it would be unlikely for him to fall in love with a young and rash girl like her.

Therefore, he repeatedly refused her advances. However, she confessed her love to him time and again, as if she didn’t know what the words “give up” meant.

He couldn’t ignore Luo Xiaoxi who appeared in his life from time to time, while he didn’t realize his feelings for her back then.

He simply kept everything about Luo Xiaoxi in mind.

Su Yicheng remembered what it was like when he met Luo Xiaoxi for the first time; he remembered her birthday; he also remembered how she confessed her love to him for the first time.

He thought to himself, “The reason why I remember all the moments about her is that I felt genuinely happy because of it, isn’t it?”

He asked his a.s.sistant to buy the house after the dinner with Su Jianan that day.

The a.s.sistant, who was as curious as Luo Xiaoxi, asked, “Boss Su, why do you want to buy the house? I don’t think you’re going to use it for investment or residence.”

The image of meeting Luo Xiaoxi there for the first time flashed through Su Yicheng’s mind. However, he simply said, “Jianan likes the houses here.”

It dawned on the a.s.sistant in an instant.

The a.s.sistant knew better than anyone else that Su Yicheng would get whatever Su Jianan wanted. He would even buy a villa district without hesitation as long as she liked it, let alone a house.

However, Su Jianan didn’t move in the house, nor had Su Yicheng been there again after he bought it.


Luo Xiaoxi realized that Su Yicheng had been lost in his thoughts. She poked him in the shoulder and asked, “Why are you taking so long to answer my question?”

Su Yicheng smiled. “I’ve been thinking about it for three years.”

“…” Luo Xiaoxi looked at Su Yicheng in surprise, as if she were saying, “I don’t believe it.”

Su Yicheng thought for a moment and said, “I once thought that I bought it because Jianan liked it. But now I think it was because this was the place where I met you for the first time.”

“Wait, I see!” Luo Xiaoxi gazed at Su Yicheng. “Three years ago, you bought it, and you wondered why you did that. Now you got the reason—because you met me for the first time here. That is to say—you fell in love with me back then, didn’t you?”

Su Yicheng simply said, “Well, I guess you could say that.”

“I was right!” Luo Xiaoxi tutted as she gazed at Su Yicheng in disbelief with a proud look. “Well, I never! You fell for me three years ago. Anyway, we’re very much alike. I wanted to have you more than 10 years ago.”

Su Yicheng wrapped his arms around Luo Xiaoxi’s waist. “Now, it came true.”

The lamps in the little garden were turned on as soon as his voice died down.

The small lamps filled up the garden like stars in the night sky with a warm and soft color, as if they would light up the softest part of her heart.

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Luo Xiaoxi, who had always lacked tenderness, felt warm in her heart at that moment.

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