A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Tang Yu - 唐玉

Chapter 349 - I Don't Need to Listen to Your Words

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Chapter 345 Su Jianan Disappears (1)

In the parking lot of the shopping mall…

As soon as they got in the car, Luo Xiaoxi took Su Jianan and wanted to scan her from inside to outside. “Are you really okay?”

“I'm really okay.” Su Jianan signaled Luo Xiaoxi to rest a.s.sured. “I just almost fell, but did not really fall.”

Luo Xiaoxi fastened her seat belt and made a long sigh of relief. “It's still better for me to take you back to the hospital.”

They met Xiao Yunyun downstairs in the hospital.

Xiao Yunyun was walking in a hurry and her face was not quite right. Su Jianan called her, “Yunyun, what happened?”

“Cousin, you're back.” Xiao Yunyun ran over. “I just wanted to find you and my cousin.”

“Is there anything wrong?” Su Jianan softly appeased Xiao Yunyun. “Tell us slowly.”

“A colleague from the hospital administrative department just told me that someone called to ask if I was working in the OB-GYN department.” Xiao Yunyun grabbed her clothes uneasily. “I checked the number, and it was the number of the cousin's a.s.sistant. Cousin, do you think… your husband started to suspect something?”

Su Jianan and Xiao Yunyun discussed the time and found out that Shen Yuechuan's phone call came after she had left the mall.

Even if Lu Boyan really suspected something, he started to be suspicious when he was in the mall.

However, she clearly concealed herself very well, and the needle holes in her hand were explained very reasonably. Lu Boyan should not have any doubts.

Finally, Su Jianan thought of Luo Xiaoxi—when she was about to fall, Luo Xiaoxi's reaction was too obvious.

Fortunately, Xiao Yunyun did not work in OB-GYN, which did not confirm Lu Boyan's guess… It should be possible to hide for another period of time.

After returning to the ward, Su Jianan contacted Su Yicheng. She explained the whole thing and asked Su Yicheng what she should do.

“Don't worry about this, let me handle it,” Su Yicheng said. “You should rest well and try to get discharged as soon as possible.”

After having lunch with Su Jianan, Luo Xiaoxi also left.

Su Jianan rarely had much spirit or physical strength. She didn't want to waste time in bed so she just went downstairs to take a walk.

During the New Year, the hospital was cold and clear, and the small garden for patients to walk in was also empty. Only the cold wind blew the trees from time to time, emitting a dry rustling sound.

Su Jianan went to the gra.s.sy area and was looking for a bench to sit down on when she suddenly heard a cry of depression and helplessness.

When she lost her mother and divorced Lu Boyan, she once cried like this.

That person should be really sad.

Su Jianan followed the sound and found that a man in his 50s was squatting under a bare sycamore tree.

The man was dressed in old clothes, his skin was aging due to years of work, the shoes on his feet had been worn out, and the soles were also severely worn. It could be seen that he had worn those shoes for years.

He buried his head in his knees, his shoulders convulsing. The cold wind swept through his unkempt hair, making him look helpless.

Su Jianan couldn't help feeling sympathy so she walked over. “Uncle, what happened to you?”

The man looked up at the young and beautiful girl in front of his eyes, saw sympathy and compa.s.sion from her eyes, and cried even more sadly.

“Uncle, get up now,” Su Jianan helped the man up, “it's cold here, let's go to the hospital cafeteria.”

The canteen was just next to the small garden. Su Jianan bought two cups of hot milk tea. She asked the waiter for two pieces of tissue and handed them to the man to wipe his tears. She handed the milk tea with the straw in it to him. “Uncle, now is the New Year, why are you in the hospital?”

He did not wear a hospital gown, so Su Jianan determined that he was not a patient.

“My wife is staying in this hospital.” The man wiped his tears. “She has had kidney failure. In the past few years, she has been treated in small places. It has not been good after we spent all our savings. I have to take her to the hospital in the big city. The doctor said that she has missed the best treatment period, and now she can only change the kidney. There is a suitable resource, but the treatment of the previous two years has used up all our life savings. I cannot raise the money for the surgery…”

The more he said, the sadder he got. “She married me at a young age, then something happened to me, but she has been waiting for me. Seeing that we almost are going to finish our whole lives, she suddenly became so sick.” His tears fell on the table drop by drop. “If she is gone, I can't live anymore.”

Su Jianan felt the same.

When she decided to divorce Lu Boyan, she also thought about death, not because she had nothing to live for, but because she didn't know how to live without him.

“Uncle, what is your name?” Su Jianan asked.

“Hong Shan.”

“Uncle Hong,” Su Jianan smiled, “I can help you.”

Hong Shan looked at Su Jianan with shock.

In order to cure his wife, he spent a lot of money and borrowed money from everyone he knew. Now, no one was willing to pick up his calls, so he desperately hid under the tree and cried.

He thought that there was actually no way to solve it, but the stranger who just appeared said that she could help him.

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“Miss, you…” Hong Shan was hesitant and did not dare to believe Su Jianan.

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