A Demon Lord's Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, And Heartwarming Bliss


Chapter 378

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Catching Up

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“And that is why I, Yuki, have a.s.sumed the post of Rogarde’s emperor,” I said theatrically. “This human country shall change under my rule and take upon itself a multicultural ident.i.ty.”

Illuna, one of the members of the audience, tilted her head as would a confused puppy.

“Emperors are kings, right? But aren’t demon lords supposed to be kind of like kings too? …How does that work? Are you two kings at the same time now?”

“Uhhh, not exactly. Demon lords aren’t actually kings,” I explained.

“Really? I thought they were.”

I did have to admit that she had a point. Demon lords are basically set up to be dark lords, many of which are actually kings and whatnot. We’ve even got all the monsters and domains and stuff to boot.

Of course Illuna’s the one to catch on too. She’s always been pretty quick on the uptake.

“I’m not really sure how that happened, but I’m glad you’re back in one piece,” said Nell, with a tired laugh. The hero had come home after I pinged her over the orb of communication.

“Sorry I made you worry,” I said. “Anyway, war’s over and we won. We’ll be benefitting down the line too, but that’s still pretty far off. Nell’s probably going to be the only affected right off the bat.”

It’ll take a while, but sooner or later the kids’ll be able to pretty much head wherever they want. I’m thinking two or three more years should do it, at this rate.

“I’m not really sure I will,” said Nell. “My jobs mainly involve maintaining public order and fighting off monsters, so I don’t think there will be any major changes. His Majesty is going to be in for a really rough time though.”

Yeaaaaaaaah, just a bit. Being one of the most powerful human-run countries, Allysia was sure to have its work cut out for it. Its king was going to be swamped with sorting out diplomatic relations with the freshly defeated but similarly sized empire. Wait, wasn’t he going on about how he wanted to retire? There goes that idea. Again. Maybe I should ask Nell to bring him another batch of potions sometime.

“Oh yeah, so I’m pretty sure Lyuu’s folks are supposed to be paying us a visit sooner or later. Did they end up stopping by while I was away or something?”

“I believe not,” said Lefi. “I recalled it and focused my senses on occasion, but I was unable to detect such a group in our vicinity.”

Turns out everyone else really was covering my a.s.s while I was out to war, huh? That’s another one I owe them.

“U-Uhmm… M-my dad’s a real stickler for the rules ‘n stuff, so normally he’d come right on the day a year’s up ‘n gone,” said an awfully embarra.s.sed Lyuu. “If he ain’t here yet, I think it’s ’cause he’s busy with all the war stuff that’s been goin’ on. But there ain’t no doubt he’ll be here soon.”

“I guess we better get everything ready then,” I said. “Are you going to need anything, Lyuu? Don’t hesitate to speak up if you are.”

“I will, Master,” she said, with a giggle. “It’s finally time for me to be gettin’ married for real. It’ll be official.”

“There is no need for official recognition,” said Lefi. “You have always been one of us.”

“I’m still real happy ’bout it!” said Lyuu with a huge smile. “It almost feels like it ain’t real. I ran away from home, only to find some real good friends, a husband, and a whole new family. It’s almost too good to be true.”

How cute.

“Congrats, Lyuu!” said Illuna.

“Congrats!” echoed s.h.i.+.

“Mhm. We should celebrate,” said Enne. “With a dance.”

“A-a dance?” asked Lyuu.

“That’s a great idea!” said Illuna. “Let’s dance!”

“We can spin around! And twirl!” cheered s.h.i.+.

And so, for reasons that I couldn’t quite put together, all the kids, wraiths included, suddenly started dancing. A very confused Lyuu was dragged along for the ride, while the rest of us adults sat around, watched, and laughed.


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“Oh yeah, Leila, we actually happened to meet your teacher,” I said. “She seemed mad famous too.”

I don’t know why I expected anything else.

“If we visit Baachsburgh, even with all the others along with us, all the residents will begin to think of you as my fiance.”

“I uh… see…”

So basically everyone a.s.sumes you’re getting married if you bring a guy back home. Makes sense to me.

“That would be why I think that visiting may prove rather bothersome, though I don’t think it will be a major problem if we don’t stay for long. We should be able to talk our way out of most encounters.”

“I don’t really mind, but I guess I should probably talk to everyone else about it first, huh?”

“That would be for the best, My Lord, but we should focus on getting everything ready for Lyuu first. She’s been looking forward to this for quite some time,” she said, with a teasing smile.

“Yeah, I know. Hopefully this makes her stop feeling like she isn’t as good as Lefi and Nell.”

“It certainly isn’t difficult to see why she might feel that way. Lefi and Nell are both awfully charming,” she said. “You’ll have to shower her with love if you want to help her get over it.”

“…I’ll try.”

Responding to my awkward comment with a bit of a giggle, the impeccable super maid got right back to work.


TL/N: You know what I normally don’t do? Translator’s notes, because the output should speak for itself. Anyway, the interaction between Yuki and Illuna here is kind of scuffed because of some stuff that only really works in j.a.panese. The best way to do this was to trim a tiny bit and gloss it over.

Whichever official translator ends up picking this up, I advise you translate 魔族 as something other than demon, call monsters demons or something depending on how you translate demon lord, and occasionally refer to magic as something along the lines of the demonic arts to save yourself the trouble when you get to this point.

Tbh demon lord might be better as (dark) overlord or something in this context. Anyway, tl;dr j.a.panese is evil. ST out.

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