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Chapter 790

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Chapter 790: Unt.i.tled

An Xunuo got into the car but had no idea how things unfolded this way. She never said that she wanted to visit the Ye’s residence nor did she say she was friends with Ye Ningyuan. So how exactly did she end up in his car?

As Little Hailan pulled her along, she happened to run into Cheng Anya. Both mother and daughter then ‘abducted’ An Xunuo.

It wasn’t after she got into the car that she realized that she was here to kill Ye Ningyuan and not…

“Big sister, where do you stay? What’s your name? You’ve got really nice hair! How do you even maintain it?” Ye Ningyuan drove, and the three of them sat behind. Little Hailan managed to keep the atmosphere lively, and she realized that his big sister was not quite a conversationalist as she remained silent and cold.

“I’m British. My name is Op—An Xunuo.”

“Xunuo?” Cheng Anya gently smiled and said, “That’s really nice. How long would Miss An stay in City A?”

“Three to four days perhaps!” An Xunuo said. She was not planning to waste time and would leave after settling everything in three to four days.

Three to four days, huh? Cheng Anya secretly wondered. This la.s.s, given that she said she wanted to remain on the Ye’s family turf for three to four days, was clearly out to a.s.sa.s.sinate Younger Master Ye. She was clearly confident in her skills.

She sure wanted to see how a fight between Ning Ning and her would turn out. It must be quite promising. She was not worried about Ye Ningyuan’s safety at all.

“Miss An, how about you stay at my place for three to four days? It would be nice if you could accompany us, mother and daughter, not to mention how you are good friends with Ning Ning. Ning Ning could show you around City A too! We’ve lots of nice attractions that I’m sure Miss An has yet to see,” Cheng Anya smiled and said, playing the warm host.

An Xunuo immediately shook her head. “That won’t be necessary. I…”

“I insist, I insist. Big sister, our family welcomes you! My elder brother will be happy to bring you out to play! Isn’t that right?” Little Hailan raised her voice and asked.

Ye Ningyuan gently smiled and said, “If she’s willing, I’d be more than happy to.”

An Xunuo, who was about to turn him down, thought about it. Since she was there to kill Ye Ningyuan, she would have to follow him, after all. Staying at his place would give her a few more opportunities to kill him.

That would save her quite some traveling time.

“Since that’s the case, I’d have to trouble Ye Ningyuan, then.”

“Don’t sweat it.”

“Sister Xunuo, could I look for you to play when I go to Great Britain in the future? I’ve n.o.body to play with when I go to Great Britain. It’s so boring!” Little Hailan held Xunuo’s hand and asked petulantly.

“Uh, okay…” An Xunuo promised. Although she sounded cold, she did not leave them feeling uncomfortable.

Ye Hailan clapped her hands and warmly chatted with An Xunuo. While the conversation was largely between them, Cheng Anya could occasionally interject. An Xunuo, who rarely spoke, secretly wondered how everybody in this family was weird in one way or another. She did not expect Ye Ningyuan’s mother to look so young to the point the two of them holding hands would look more like a cradle-s.n.a.t.c.her romance than mother and son.

Cheng Anya secretly wondered how this killer did not seem to look the part. However one looked, she did not look like some cold killer but instead a girl with a good heart.

She somewhat, but not completely, resembled Eleven.

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She had seen countless people and could tell that she was having a sincere conversation with Little Hailan. It was little wonder that Little Hailan loved to talk to her. Her daughter was so queer that she rarely talked this much to strangers.

“No can do. You’re the guest, so let me do it.”

Apart from their few main bedrooms and study rooms, the Ye’s mansion had four guest rooms that were for Ye Wei and Eleven whenever they visited with their children. The guest room next to Ye Ningyuan’s room was vacant.

This la.s.s was, after all, out to kill her son. To arrange her next to him… Cheng Anya thought about this serious problem. After some thought, she tidied the room next to Ye Ningyuan’s for her.

An Xunuo looked at the decoration of the great hall. It was cozily decorated in warm colors that people liked. While the Ye family was the richest family in City A, the Ye’s mansion was so warm and felt like home.

She really liked this place.

They must be people who loved life and their home.

“Sister Xunuo, is my home very beautiful?”

An Xunuo nodded. “Yes, it’s really beautiful!”

“This place was designed by both Daddy and Mommy! I really love it!” Ye Hailan sweetly smiled. “I know that you would like it, and this is the first time my elder brother has brought someone home.”

Little Hailan deliberately dragged her reply. Ye Ningyuan wondered. Was he even bringing somebody home? Was she really sure that he brought somebody home?

An Xunuo was also wondering. Wasn’t it you, mother and daughter, who brought me back?

As they were talking, a pretty little boy in a school uniform and carrying a bag entered. “Mommy, elder sister, I am home.”

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